Zachary of sports betting websites and how easy

Zachary Berlin

Mrs. Herman

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Media Literacy

January 2018



Sports Betting Should Be Allowed

people aspire to be wealthy and famous, and what better way to become that then
doing what you enjoy and good at. Some sports fanatics make a living off
betting and gambling. They really do enjoy what they are doing. They make their
own choices and really follow the games and there choices. They make there
living off this.


betting are not just picking and guessing, it is like a “science”.

People use all kinds of theories and algorithms to make their choices. Such as
weather, past matchups, time of year, and random complex things are used for
professional betters when choosing their picks. They are not picking
irresponsibly or with no knowledge. Its like stocks, you don’t know how well
they will perform but people take the risk and it pays off if you come out big.


sports betting industry is a thriving industry. 
Its thriving now a days especially because of sports betting websites and
how easy it is to do. This generates tons of revenue for the websites and for
the people winning. Also if sports betting were legal, the so-called
“sports betting addicts” will probably cut down. Some people like
doing things strictly because they are not allowed so if gambling was legalized
I believe that it would help obsessive gamblers. 


gambling only help the economy. It would enable a big tax to all the states.

According to over 1.4 million jobs would open if sports gambling
were legalized.  Also in the game itself,
there would be less cheating and corruption. 
Due to legalization they would monitor all games to make sure there’s no
corruption.  Sports betting would not
corrupt sports.


state of New Jersey, which has Atlantic City, one of the biggest casinos cites
in the country. Someone proposed a law on New Jersey saying that online
gambling should not be allowed. Governor Chris Christie did not let that bill
pass through. It would make no sense if he would pass it due to the fact that
New Jersey gains so much money on Atlantic City casinos gambling.


debate online, which was written by average people on the topic of sports
gambling, clearly states how people feel about sports gambling being legalized.

People should be able to spend their money on whatever and however they want
too.  Ones own betting can only hurt one self.

It’s nobody else’s business on how you should handle your own self.










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