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Zach SniderMrs.MooneyhanFinal project19 December 2017Evolution of Rock & Roll Rock and Roll has changed so much from what it once was and will change again from what it is today.  Many people think that rock and roll is dead but I believe that it has just taken on a new form of sound. The sound changes because they are influenced by the music before them and try to bend the sound and spice it up to the new generation of people. Here are 10 of the biggest people/bands in there respective genres of music.The Blues- Lead Belly Lead belly was an American musician that was very popular in the blues genre as he is most known for his songs MIdnight special and Goodnight Irene. He is best known for his strong vocals and his ability to play the 12 string guitar. He introduced folk standards into the blues changing the music with him. Many people had drawn inspiration from him as he was known as the king of the twelve string guitar.Folk Rock- Bob DylanBob Dylan was and still is one of the biggest inspirations to everyone in the music world as he had just one the nobel prize for literature for his great lyrics. Like a rolling stone and blowin in the wind are two of his most famous songs. I chose Bob Dylan because he has inspired everyone to expand on their writing in the lyrics. He wasn’t that good of a singer but his writing abilities were very good and changed music also like Lead Belly but in another way. Bard of Ayrshire was Bob’s biggest inspiration in his writing.Hard Rock- Guns N’ Roses Guns N’ Roses is known as one of the best rock bands of all time as they are a very well known band for their music all around the world. They were created in 1985 by Axl rose and slash as their main people in the bands. Slash had inspired people with is amazing ability to play the guitar. Some of their most famous songs they had recorded were November Rain and paradise city. They are still a band today inspiring people to change the way they look at music and the lyrics.Glam Rock- KissKiss was put together in 1973 and they have become known as the band without a face. They have changed the way that people perform in live shows as they go all out for the performance in their makeup and costumes. The most famous song they perform would have to be Rock and Roll all Nite as they are most well known for that song. I chose them because they are the most important to glam rock and how they changed live performances.Prog Rock- Gentle giant Gentle giant is a progressive rock band that was very complex as the band were known for the complexity and sophistication of its music and for the varied musical skills of its members. One of their most played songs would have to be Funny ways because of the weirdness of it. They changed the way that people use computers for music today and were inspired by many people including literature for the music.Funk- Stevie wonder Stevie Wonder is an American musician and a former child prodigy who became one of the most creative musical figures of the late 20th century. Some of his most famous songs were Superstition and livin in the city. He had given inspiration to many people in the musical world because he was so good but happened to be blind. He could play multiple instruments.Disco- Kc and the sunshine band They are an American disco and funk band founded in 1973 in Hialeah, Florida.Their best-known songs include the hits That’s the Way (I Like It), (Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty. They have had many different members join and leave the band throughout the decades. I chose them because they are one of the best dance bands to listen to and have been influenced by many different disco bands.Punk- green day Green Day is an American punk rock band consisting of Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre cool. One of their most popular songs would have to be American Idiot because it is such a great punk song. They have changed the way people play their music today with with the fast past dark type of music or hype music. I chose them because I grew up listening to them and like them.Grunge- nirvana Not many bands have made such an impact that nirvana had in such a short time as kurt cobain had changed music as a whole but was tragically found dead due to suicide because he couldn’t handle the fame. Kurts vocals made everyone want to copy them and make their music like Nirvana. They had changed music today because of it’s rhythm and lyrics/meaning. The most played song in the band would be Smells Like Teen Spirit as it is one of the most popular grunge songs of all time. I chose them because I really like nirvana.Hip-hop-  lil uzi vert Lil uzi vert is a Hip hop artist today in 2017 and is changing the way that hip hop is as he a mumble rapper but he is also a emo rapper as he has very emotional lyrics. He was inspired by the rappers before him. I chose him because i really like his beats and lyrics. His most famous song is XO tour Life. He is a new artist compared to many people but has blown up.I think that music will always be changing but that it will become more emotional because it is starting to turn that way wit lil Uzi Vert and Lil Peep being the two biggest emo rappers and they are inspiring people to do the same. I also think that it’ll become more emotional because every is more depressed now compared to the passed.


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