Young Thomas Edison

I read the book Young Thomas Edison , by Sterling North. The book tells about
Edison’s Young life and how he greatly succeeded through out the years. It tells
about his greatest inventions and Edisons Historic sites and how her became the
greatest inventor of all times. Thomas Alva Edison was born of February of 1847,
in Milan Ohio. He was the seventh and last child of Nancy Edison and Samuel
Edison. Thomas Alva Edison inherited much of his intelligence from Nancy Elliot
Edison. Nancy Edison would read books to Thomas Edison about scientists. That’s
when Edison got interested in experiments. When Thomas Alva Edison was ten, he
and his family moved to a small town in Purt, Hacon. There he had his own
laboratory in the basement. At the age of eleven Edison and his friend would
raise ten acces of vegetables. Then they would plant them and they would sell
them around town. They wanted to earn money so they could give it to the family.

They wanted to do this because they had financial problems. When Thomas Alva
Edison was older he worked as a trainboy and would sell candies and newspapers.

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One day Thomas Edison’s father realized that Edison was deaf from one ear.

Thomas Edison became deaf from working on the locomotive. When Edison was
working as a trainboy he got the idea of inventing a telegraph. When Edison was
in his twenties he earned many patents by inventing the lightball, telegram,
telegraph and many more inventions. Edison’s second wife was Mrs. Mina Miller
Edison. Edison had many chemical laboratories in his life. On 1931, Thomas Alva
died when he collapsed. By this his inventions we have are street lights,
phonographs and many other things. I would really recommend this book to any one
because Thomas Alva Edison is one of the greatest inventors.


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