Workplace the following: Participation and empowerment: Employees

Workplace culture is important,and will determine how well Hitachi can compete within the marketplace.

Businesses are in competition not only to capture greater market share, but toretain the best and brightest workers. It is therefore crucial for HR heads tothink carefully about ways in which Hitachi culture can be enhanced. This willallow the HR department to serve as more than just a center for payroll, but tobe seen as a major strategic center. Below are some common problems which canbe resolved through a superior workplace culture.

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According to the diversity of thecultures that will be in Hitachi, it is not easy to convince the employees of anew culture and to follow it. It is important to know how to deal with them toavoid any difficulties in the future. Especially that there are big differencesbetween the cultures in Japanese and India.

 So, we would like to suggest the following: Participation and empowerment:Employees are given opportunities to participate in the decision-making processand feel empowered to exert influence in the organization. Teamwork, dialoguesand collaboration are emphasized.( Marcella Bremer and Marcel Lamers, 2012) Fairness: Employees are treatedfairly without favoritism.

They are also valued and appreciated. They areprovided opportunities for professional growth, praised, or given a higher payfor better achievement and performance.( Harvard Business Review, 2011) Supportiveness: Employees aretreated as individuals, cared, and supported by the organization. Employeesfeel free to express affection, tenderness, caring, and compassion for oneanother.  Innovation: Employees areencouraged to be open-minded, take risks, embrace changes, think outside of thebox and take innovative initiatives. Creativity and entrepreneurship arevalued. Sharing and learning: Employeesopenly share their knowledge, experience and information within the corporatecommunity.

Sharing and continuous learning from one another is rewarded andencouraged. Communications: Conflictingmessages regarding corporate culture may create distrust and cynicism, whichcan prompt, or help employees justify, actions as deleterious as embezzlement.Experts say that cultural inconsistencies may also cause workers to growdiscouraged, to believe management is disingenuous, to doubt statements fromhigher-ups and to be less inclined to give their best effort. Organizations maybe investing significant time and money in creating a culture but may not bereaping the commensurate rewards—especially if executives, supervisors andrank-and-file employees have differing perceptions of the company’s culture. HRprofessionals must therefore ensure that the organization clearly andconsistently communicates its culture to all employees.( John Hayes, 2010)


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