Women’s too poor to take care of

Women’s Right To Choose AbortionAbortion has been one of this country’s most controversial topic onhand. But if one sees the constitutional infringement to women by therestriction of abortion, the torment to the unwanted child and the anguishsociety has to sustain,then this topic would not be so debatable. Too manypeople do not see the cause and effect of not being able to have abortions.All human beings are given some inalienable right guaranteed by theConstitution. One of those privilege is the right to pursue happiness.

Ababy can sometimes disrupt a woman’s pursuit of happiness. Even if shedecides to give it up for adoption, she still has the burden of carryingthe fetus for nine months. Having the option to perform an abortion cansolve that obstacle. Taking away this right would be invading on a woman’sconstitutional liberty.The unwanted child also suffers. Most of the time the mother of theunwanted child is very young and inexperienced or too poor to take care ofthe child. The child is usually malnourished, has no medical care, andgets very little attention or love. The foster care system isn’t anybetter.

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Only a small percentage of the children are adopted by suitableparents. But the rest remain in the foster care system, where there islittle or no personal care. In both cases, the child has a poor educationbecause of the lack of attention and discipline. He grows up to beunproductive individual or a menace to society. Many get involved in drugsand crimes. These individuals are also very violent, lacking morality duesmall amount of care they received themselves. In the long run, not onlydoes the child suffer but also society, who has to tolerate his violentbehavior and crimes.

An abortion can be seen as putting the child out ofmisery while he doesn’t have the ability to reason or fear.In short, abortion allows a woman to retain her constitutional rights,it relieves a would be suffering child out of his distress and itestablishes a safer and more peaceful society. On these grounds, abortionshould be kept legal, and even encouraged to specific individuals, forbenefits to all of us.


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