Within at Macy’s carefully investigate each of these

Within companies, the global segment imports both opportunities and threats of risk. Because of the threats and endanger combined with the international markets, many corporations elect a more economical passing to avoid potential problems when competing in international markets. These firms are participating in what some refer to as global focusing. Global focus often is used by Macy’s and other corporations with moderate levels of international trading operations which increases their internationalization by focusing on their position in the global market  (Hitt, 2013, pg. 48). By doing this, they build on and use their unique capabilities and resources while limiting their exposure within the specialized market.Technological change has become more extensive, variegated and influencing many parts of our societies. These effects initially appear through renewed products, processes, and materials (Hitt, 2013, pg. 46). The technological segment of the general environment has an immense influence on Macy’s. Technological advancements have assisted Macy’s customers in having a pleasant, helpful, and enhanced shopping experience online with the use of the Internet. Macy’s has taken advantage of the e-Commerce trend and focuses on increasing their online sales. With technological advances, Macy’s Inc. can save time but also maximize sales and progress by expansion into other unidentified markets through the convenience of e-commerce. They have linked the gap between retail and digital with an increased focus on their omnichannel association between mobile, online, and trading operations within all their retail locations. Macy’s Omni-channel strategics offers customers the chance to shop seamlessly through a variety of channels including in-store and online via laptop or mobile device.Macy’s Inc. and many other corporations within its industry are cognizant that there is challenges associated with increasing foot traffic and hardships facing the brick and mortar retail industry. Middle market retail stores need to adjust to the change in the environment. It is increasingly more fastidious to identify names that are moving to Omni-channel opportunities. Some eCommerce companies like Amazon have made investments to increase a physical presence. The executives at Macy’s carefully investigate each of these six segments to recognize essential opportunities and severe threats and then they arrange their organization’s strategies respectively.


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