With tranquil. Remember, when styling a room,

With the chaos of everyday life, we often feel we need toget to the studio to find some Zen. It is possible, though, to practice yoga athome, regularly. Very possible, and it all starts with creating your personal yogaspace. Think of your favourite yoga studio.

What makes it great? Today I’mgoing to let you in on some tricks of the trade and show you, 7 ways to createthe perfect yoga space in your own home.  Location, location, location. As a realtor will tell you, it’sall about location. This rings true for your Zen space too. If you can allocatea small bedroom, or study to a yoga room, terrific, do that. However, if youdon’t have the extra room, then choose a spot in your home that is quiet, awayfrom the kitchen and any other room which gets a lot of traffic. Try to choosea space with enough room to not feel crowded, and which you can place a fewobjects in. A quiet guest room, a study, or even an area of your bedroom canwork great.

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Fill it with stuff you love. Once your area is found, it’stime to style it your way. Don’t get bogged down with what you think a yoga space should resemble, butinstead fill your space with things that make you feel calm, happy, relaxed andtranquil.

Remember, when styling a room, less is often more. Leave enough spacefor things you may find or be given in the future, objects that will find a wayinto your heart. Don’t forget your mat, block and strap and any other yogaaccessories you use. Some people prefer a small mirror to check technique, butothers do not want to be seen, keep with what makes you feel comfortable.

Asoft light and a place to play some gentle music is always good. Set your Drishti. Don’t forget when styling yourspace to have your mat in the middle of the room, and a Drishti, a focal point,or two, surrounding you.

Often we can use a speck on the floor, or the foot ofthe yogi in front of us to bring our gaze and concentration into focus. Maybeit’s about positioning an item in view, hanging a photo on the wall, or justbeing in your space and seeing if you feel balanced enough in it. Sometimes wecan fill a room too much, and then our Drishti is actually harder to find. Pick your aroma. Part of grounding yourself isnoticing what you can smell around you.

Picking a scent to infuse your yogaspace is just as important as brushing your teeth each morning. Depending onwhere you’ve chosen your space at home, you may be confronted with some smellsthat could pull you out of your mindful practice. Take some time to get to knowyour essential oils, or pick a favourite relaxing candle, that you can fillyour space with. Just be careful not to over scent! Open a window. If you are lucky enough to haveyour space near a window or door, crack it open. Listen to the birds, let thefresh air move through your space, refresh your surroundings.

Perhaps you havecreated your space outside; get some sunlight on your face, feel the warmbreeze on your skin. Nature is our mother and we need her every day. The soundsof nature are regularly used in meditations and Zen music, because of therelaxing effect they have on the body. If you find the noises where you livetoo distracting though, shut that window. Green it up.

Particularly if your space isaway from nature, fill this area with lots of green – green plants that is. Acactus, a roaming vine, a falling petal, or perhaps some succulents. Plantsremind us of nature and life and they carry with them a relaxing essence. Set the sound.

Whether it’s listening to agentle drum beat on your iTunes, or following a guided meditation, it isimportant not to forget the sound. You’ll need a power point for chargers oryour Bluetooth speaker nearby. With all the positions you can get into withyoga, headphones aren’t the best option.  Now that you know how to create your perfect space, go on andcreate a really gentle place to start your home yoga practice. Be open to thethings you cannot avoid when practicing at home; your little ones joining you,a knock at the door, the people you live with being around you.

Take a deepbreath and find your home Zen. Namaste


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