With the OBIEE data repository. This helps the

With the rapid changes in the organization strategies, business needs to analyze the data across the multiple business functions. These in-depth analyses will help the organization to make wise decisions which increase revenue and brand value. Business intelligence will help the organization to analyze their business more effectively and efficientlyThe purpose of this project is to integrate the two most commonly used business intelligence tools, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) and Tableau.

The business intelligence (BI) connector technology is used to integrate tableau server to the OBIEE data repository which provides seamless access the OBIEE reports and allows the user to visualize the same data in tableau. So, the user may not need to develop the same report again from scratch for data visualization.To withstand in the changing business environment, organization need to make wise decisions by monitoring all the business process with respect to current business trends continuously. Business intelligence will provide an opportunity to perform complex analysis on current business process and helps the organization to make decisions for the future. Business intelligence uses the organization data from various sources and aggregate the data in a single system.

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So that business user can apply statistical analysis to define a meaningful strategy and presented to business executives to make wise decisions for the organization Oracle business intelligence enterprise edition (OBIEE) and Tableau are two most commonly used business intelligence tools by many organizations. In general, many organizations maintain two different data repositories for the OBIEE and Tableau to achieve their business needs. As a result, the business user needs to develop a strategy by performing complex statistical analysis using OBIEE and define the same strategy for data visualization using Tableau and then present to their higher executives for decision making. Here the business user spends additional effort by creating the same analysis in both the tools and the reconcile the results manually. This proposed research will combine both the tools by integrating the tableau to the OBIEE data repository. This helps the business user to develop and analyze complex statistical reports, dashboards, ad-hoc analysis in OBIEE and use the same report in Tableau for data visualization, which saves time, human effort and provide complete business intelligence tools to the business userThe major research objectives of this project are:1. To design tableau joins in the OBIEE repository database.

The appropriate keys are added to the dimensions and fact tables present in the presentation layer to create joins with tableau database. The join design is structured with respect to the standards and polices defined in the Oracle business intelligence enterprise edition 11g developer’s guide.2. To configure and create a secured connection between OBIEE data repository and tableau. Data source name (DSN) of business intelligence connector is configured in the open database connector (ODBC) administration and Tableau server data source name (DSN) is configured in business intelligence connector. This establishes the secured network connection for tableau to the OBIEE data repository via the business intelligence connector. 3. To map and join the dimension and fact tables in the tableau data source connection.

The dimensions and facts table are joined with the keys created in the OBIEE repository database and establishes the seamless flow of data from OBIEE to the tableau.4. To validate the data and data model. The data is validated by reconciling the results with sample data sets and previously approved report results. The data model is validated with organization enterprise architecture and its business process1. Data source name (DSN): Data source name stores all information about the physical database used to establish the connection between the data source and open database connectivity.

2. Open database connectivity (ODBC): Open database connectivity is an interface application used to access data sources to the database management systems.3. Dimensions: Dimensions consists of context of the business data.

4. Facts: Facts consists of numerical measurements of business data.


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