While a car accident, then a few months

While taking a look at the website, I noticed that there are resources and helplines- Suicide Prevention Lifeline, SAMHSA’s National Hotline, Disaster Distress Helpline, Veteran’s Crisis Line, and Drug-Free Workplace. They also have a place where you can reach out and find a treatment facility near you- Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator, Buprenorphine Physician & Treatment Program Locator, and Opioid Treatment Program Directory. While looking around, I also found statistics on many of the topics. There are also many different TIPs out there; I picked two that are exciting fields for me. The first one being Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health Services. Trauma-Informed Care is essential to me because at 17 years old I lost my brother in a car accident, then a few months I lost my great uncle who was like a grandpa, and then a few months later I lost my grandpa. These were all traumatic events that shaped me into who I am now, but if I were not going into this profession and learning about how to handle these situations correctly, I would like people to know how to help me.

In these moments, it would have been easy for me to just give up on the goals I had for my life and used drugs, but instead, I pushed forward. With reading this TIP, it will help me to learn how to treat others in these moments, notice the signs and symptoms of my patients, and to train my peers on to help others. Reading this TIP about Trauma-Informed Care, made me even more aware of how dangerous and traumatic of time that year and a half was for me and how it is shocking to me that I never once thought of using in that period. One thing that did surprise me was that trauma used to be an abnormal experience but now today you either had a traumatic event, or you know of someone close to you. Also, a surprise statement was that men experience trauma more than women. I thought women would be higher since women report being more depressed than men. Men are more likely to be enlisted in services which causes PTSD from the trauma they have experienced. People who use drugs during this traumatic time are more likely to have worse outcomes in treatment.

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Being trauma aware is essential for a service provider and a trauma-aware environment through ongoing staff training and letting employees know that they are not alone and that they can talk to their bosses or other qualified people about what is going on. The severity of the traumatic event varies and is based on how much distress they had, family history, where they live, and their available resources.  It is important to know that not everyone is going to have the same outcome after an event, you need be sure to change treatment for each. In this TIP they use a social-ecological model which is a framework for helping individuals deal with trauma.

It is important to provide a safe environment and to remind the patients that recovery is the primary goal. This TIP also discusses the different type of traumas, characteristics of trauma, the influences of trauma, and individual and sociocultural features. I think it is essential that we all have some background in trauma-informed care because trauma is becoming such a known event. I picked Substance Abuse Disorder Treatment for People with Physical and Cognitive Disabilities. I think it is important to read and learn about this as these people may not be in control of their pills and medical status and could be susceptible to drug abuse by the caregivers. Also, there are more disabilities that people are talking about and not hiding behind anymore, so it is essential to know how to treat them. While reading this TIP, I learned that people with physical and cognitive disabilities are more likely to have a substance use disorder, and it not get treated compared to those who do not have one.

There needs to be ongoing training, and if there was a barrier they could not move past, people treating them should use new ways to get to that goal. These patients are often not able to finish therapy as their restrictions get the best of them. These people may have depression or feel isolated which makes them want to use a drug which they may become addicted. Individuals who have failed at treatment may have a disability that is holding them back from being successful, and they do not even know it. It is vital to be aware of different disabilities people may have that could be causing them to fail in treatment. It is important to be adaptive to people who may have a disability whether it is known or not know yet, it is the most effective way to have a successful treatment.

This TIP discusses how to communicate with people who have different disabilities. It also provides you with a survey and talks about the screening people go through. When dealing with people with disabilities, it is important to recognize if they have one and how to treat them accordingly.



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