Whether impact society? Abortion has been around for

            Whether you have thoughts on  pro-abortion or whether you stand
antiabortion, abortion is a highly debated topic in today’s society. What is
abortion? Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. It was
around the time of 1973 that abortion became legal during the Roe vs. Wade
case. Abortion has been around for such a long time now and is still one of the
biggest debate topics to this day, and to this day we still are seeing people
protesting outside of clinics more and more every day. Each year there is said
to say seventy million abortions that occur world wide. Abortion is not a
simple procedure with a quick recovery, having an abortion leads to discomfort
and sometimes leaves a women emotionally unstable. Its what they call it to be
Post abortion syndrome which is

            How does abortion impact society? Abortion has been
around for tons of decades and has impacted our society in both a positive and
negative way. “If emotion is taken out of the argument and replaced with facts
and real life scenarios, the reality of 
giving women the right to choose becomes clearer” (Chenes, 2010). For many years we
have used abortion for everything from school essays to presidential campaigns
and how those numbers need to decrease and that’s what the society is focused
on. Presidential campaigns have used the abortion topic when Bill Clinton was
giving his speech and recently Barok Obama also used it in his campaign speech
as well.

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            Is abortion safe? Talking about whether or not abortion
is safe or not, Many articles have said that abortion actually is safer  then child birth. Medical abortion  performed in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy
have a very low risk of complication. Out of 100 women that do go through with
having a medical abortion 2 or 3 have to go to the doctor to receive further
medical attention. Less than one in every 200 K. women who have abortions die,
one in every 15 K. women die during child birth. With all of that being said
abortion is actually a safe procedure. Although everyone has their opinions on
whether it’s a good thing and we should keep it around or the other side where
people think it shouldn’t be legal and it’s a terrible decision to make, all
opinions aside it is a safe procedure.


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