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                              Where to go? ( Course Culminating Activity) Submitted to: Mr. TsarouhasSubmitted by: Kenzie.GCourse: BTT 101 Introduction to Business TechnologyDate: December 22nd 20171.0      Overview   –  NashvilleNashville is the capital of Tennessee. Nashville has a population of 684,000 making it the most populated city in Tennessee. Nashville was made a city in 1779 , it was originally called Nashbourgh but the name was changed in 1784. Nashville has been the capital of Tennessee since 1843. The first settlers in Nashville were Indian.    Lubbock in located in western Texas. 1.0   Overview  –  Lubbock Lubbock in located in western Texas. Lubbock has a population of 252,000. Lubbock was made a city in 1876. Lubbock is often overlooked due to Dallas being so popular. Lubbock can also be known as Lubbock County. Lubbock got its name from former ranger Thomas.S.Lubbock. There were two different cities with in Lubbock, Old Lubbock and Monterey they were both combined to make one town. 2.0     Top 5 tourist destinations  –  NashvilleOne of the biggest places to visit in Nashville is the Grand ole Opry, it’s been there since 1925 and since has become a huge deal , many famous singers have performed on the stage , it’s a huge honour to perform on such a stage and for many singers is the kick off to their careers.  Another destination to visit is the Tennessee capitol , it’s actually a museum that was built in 1845. The building has many statues for former presidents and a former military sargent all 3 of which have died. Fort Nashborough can also be visited , Fort Nashborough is a log cabin built by pioneers in the 1700s. A huge thing to visit and take pictures by is the “I believe in Nashville” merale, some simple wall art which simply has red and white stripes with a few stars and dark blue on the ends , with ” I believe in Nashville” written across it. One of the most common things to take a picture with or beside in Nashville.Finally you could visit the Musicians hall of fame and museum. With Nashville being known as “music city” it’s pretty much a given that there would be some sort of tribute to musicians. 2.0   Top 5 tourist destinations – LubbockIf you’ve heard of Lubbock then you’ve probably heard of Buddy Holly. Charles known as Buddy was born in September of 1936 , he was a musician and singer-songwriter , not for too long though as he died at the age of 23. There is a statue and center in Lubbock in Buddy’s honour. Everyone knows the story of war and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. So it’s fitting that there would a memorial building for them and right on 84th street in Lubbock is where the memorial building is located. Throughout Lubbock there are many parks probably too many to even count, but there is one that stands out from the rest , Legacy Play Village. Unlike other Lubbock parks this one was built entirely by volunteers , 30,000 square feet of wooden area for children to play in. Another place to visit in Lubbock is the Cactus Theater , there’s almost always a performance from local artists or bands. There are also quite a few shows featuring the kids (cactus kids), kids from the cactus have been featured on tv shows such as X-factor , America’s got talent and more. This is definitely somewhere I’d recommend to pay a visit to. 3.0    Festivals/event  – NashvilleThere are many annual festivals and events in Nashville , many music related. One of these many events is the CMAs (Country Music Awards) probably one of the biggest events in all of Nashville and Country Music in general. Another huge event in Nashville is Gaylord Opryland’s: A Country Christmas with films such as “How the Grinch stole Christmas” , musicals , a live performance of hit play “the Nutcracker” and much more.  A third event in Nashville annually is the Grand ole opry birthday bash every October. The birthday bash celebrates the opry’s birthday , with autographs , pictures tours and more there is something for everyone. 3.0    Festivals/Events  –  Lubbock So you see festivals in Lubbock quite often but there isn’t one quite like The Cactus Kids Christmas show. It’s a 2 hour concert usually held the weekend before Christmas with performances from kids ranging in age from 4 to 18. An annual performer who has been doing the kids shows since she was 6 is 16 year old Kassidy King , just one of the many great talents performing at the annual event. Another festival which is open for 13 days each year is Santa Land, which as you may of guessed is Christmas related. This festival gives locals and guests the chance to bring their children to meet both Santa and Mrs.Claus , walk through the light display as well as live entertainment daily from December 10th to the 23rd. Held in Mackenzie park , Santa land usually gets around 46,000 people visiting per year and it’s free. A big thing especially for teens , is Jabfest , an annual event held in Lubbock every September featuring local and famous musicians and songwriters each year bringing a different talent for example this year had local Texan Josh Abbott band. Jabfest is one of the largest music festivals in America. 4.0  Accommodations – NashvilleHotel Nashville Inn & Suites – $195 per night , Breakfast included , free parking and internet and no card fee when you book. Sleep Inn Nashville – $105 per night , breakfast included , free parking and internet, and no card fee when you book.  Hotel Preston (Nashville)  – $108 per night , free parking and internet, no fees to your card. 4.0 Accommodations – Lubbock Microtel Inn and Suites (Lubbock) – $86 per night , breakfast included , free parking and internet and no fees to card. County Inn & Suites (Lubbock) –  $96 per night , Free cancellation , Breakfast included , free parking and internet and no card fees. Hilton Garden Inn (Lubbock) – $153 per night , Free cancellation , free parking and internet and booking fees. 5.0    Flights – NashvilleA trip to Nashville from Toronto for 1 person would cost $408. This is a 2 hour non-stop flight, there are have three departure times to choose from , 8:35 pm , 4:58 pm , 9:45 pm. 5.0  Flights –  LubbockA trip from Toronto to Lubbock would cost $380 for one person. This flight is 6 hours and 15 minutes with 1 stop , the plane leaves at 8:15 am. The second option for a trip to Lubbock from Toronto would still cost $380 for one person. This flight is 8 hours and 55 minutes with 1 stop, this plane also leaves at 8:15 am. 6.0    ConclusionIn conclusion I would suggest going to Nashville there are so many places to visit , so much more to see , more to see. Another reason is that Nashville has earned the nickname Music City , so for any country music fans that’s definitely where I’d recommend. The main attractions are more than just some place to see, they are pieces of history. Places like the Grand ole Opry are platforms to kickstart careers for country music artists , if you have a music dream Nashville is the place to go. Overall Nashville is filled with famous stages , annual festivals , hundreds of things to do and so much more. Works cited:  http://www.visitmusiccity.com/visitors/thingstodo http://www.nashvillesmls.com/History.php http://www.visitlubbock.org/top-10-annual-events-and-festivals-in-lubbock/https://www.ci.lubbock.tx.us/main-city-side-navigation/about-lubbockhttps://www.expedia.ca/https://www.aircanada.com/ca/en/aco/home.html


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