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When writing a training manual it is necessary to do all the front-end research so that the training manual can then be effectively broken down into parts according to the skill level of various people using it.

However, a tablet is a handheld device, which has the advantage of size over all other mobile devices and can be used to train work staff efficiently. In addition, the tablet provides a level of interaction which otherwise wouldn’t have been the case and company can implement their own software on the device to aid its functioning better.

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The manual will be divided based upon the features of the tablet depending on the usability and skill level of the employee. There is no need to create separate manuals for different level of skilled employees; this can be done in one single manual. The features of the tablet need to be divided based on its use and difficulty (by the user). As a result, the extensive frontend and backend research needs to be conducted in order for the manual to be divides accordingly.

Above all, logically while dividing the manual, several initial drafts can be created and tested; this allows us to understand which formats work for which users while creating effective content accordingly. The features needs to be in the logical order of use i.e. starting from the first interaction to operation and then features and function.

As a result, it is proven by research that leaving white spaces between the content makes it appear less daunting and challenging to the user, even if it is the same content. Therefore, the manual is going to be based on such design principles that aid its use for the user. It will be visually captivating, and appealing so that users never lose interest, or feel bored and will have images and proper bullets. The narrative needs to be consistent and no information should be left out, even if it feels common sense to you, it is to be used by people that are different from you and that needs to be taken into account.


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