When cultural icon or stereotype. For example, this

When magazines shifted from direct payment to a
combination of direct and indirect payment, how did that impact the content?  In other words, whom are magazines
trying to please: consumers or advertisers?  And why? 


are trying to please the advertisers since they contribute with more money than
the consumers do, for example a magazine contains 50% content and the other 50%
is advertisements which the advertisers pay millions of dollars to the company,
so they are placed there. A good comparison would be how consumers only pay an
average of seven dollars for a magazine while advertisers pay more money to get
their material on the magazine.

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What are three examples of commercials used on the
discussion board and for what persuasive techniques were they posted?


Call of Duty: Black Ops “There’s a
soldier in all of US” and this commercial showed famous person testimonial,
plain folk, and bandwagon.



Iphone 7- “The rock x Siri dominate the
day”  shows famous person testimonial,
and hidden fear



Budweiser “wassup” commercial showed
bandwagon, plain folk, and repetition .



Define the association principle in advertising and
explain how it is being used in this advertisement:

Association principle is the use of a
product to associate it with being some sort of cultural icon or stereotype.
For example, this ad attempts to show how a corona beer can make one feel as if
they are in a relaxing place, it being a beach or something the drinker feels
more comfortable with.






LONG ESSAY (16 points total)

One of the most important skills to acquire through
this class is to be able to view media critically.  Watch the following skit from Saturday Night Live:


In it, you will find many, many references to
concepts and theories taught in the first half of this class.  Please choose three ideas, explain them
fully, and explain how they are demonstrated in the clip.   

Long essay:

This ad shows a college student who is with his roommate,
the college student is on his computer while using Facebook, and what took him
by surprise was that his mother had added him as a friend on Facebook. The ad furtherly
mocks how mothers are while they are on Facebook, attempting to use common slang
to try and fit in. Continually the ad decides to show its product that can apparently
save the life of the college student since it can change the words you use and
filter the pictures you post so that your mother does not think of anything
outrages of you.  First off, we can begin
with a scene where the mother of college student is part of a social media app,
and right off the top of watching it the first time I caught a lot of the good
and bad from the media. For example, we can say that at the best of media can
help us somewhat understand events and trends like the mother attempted to by
using “lolotf” which stands for “Laughing out loud on the floor”. This skit is
taking time during the Digital era which is why we can see them communicating
through a mass media application, Facebook. The “damn it, my mom is on Facebook
filter” can be said that is a sort of cultural model adapter since the “bad”
posts are made better so that the audience interprets the message in a safe
healthy way, for example how the bong is made into an instrument which the mother
would approve of. We can see the product, a revenue source, to be working through
direct payment, since they are advertising their product so that the consumer
who wants to purchase calls directly to buy.  The “ad” (skit) can be said to be specialization
since it focuses on one type of product that is being sold. I saw how the mass
media can interpret the average college student as a party type who might drink
and do drugs, this thought that came to my mind is called a minimal effects
model since the video reinforced my thoughts of college students. Without web
2.0 this ad would have not made any sense, for example the ad shows how there
is Encouraged media convergence in between Facebook and the “Damn it, my mom is
on Facebook filter”. This means that these two media types came together to
make something useful for one of them while the other also benefitted.

Bonus (2 pt.) What is one of the entirely new forms of human communication
that started with the internet?

A new form of communication would be video chatting,
video chatting allows people to see one another while they have a voice conversation.
Video chatting has helped many people from enjoying a voice call since they get
to see their loved one in front of them. Video chatting has also been a way in
which many employers interview possible workers.


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