What’s law. Policies are documents that may lead

What’s the difference between a policy and a law? To me, a policy is the law of an individual, business, group or management. They are listed so that members of the group may follow them to achieve a certain standard. Some contain procedures to be followed thoroughly by certain people with specific roles in a business, group or management. These are set by the leader or manager or whoever reigns a group. A policy is somehow like law, but those who are under the policy can choose to follow it or ignore it, but like the law, it can be punishable by the management. Policies are like a set of rules made by a company or management for their employees to follow but while abiding by the law. Policies are documents that may lead to laws. They are explained and are required to be followed to achieve a standard for the improvement of the future achievements.

Laws are a wide set of rules for a nation to follow. Laws are implemented to regulate the actions of the individuals in the country. They are set to give protection individuals and give punishment to those who do not abide by it, disrespect it, abuse it and break it. Following the law is a must under a certain country. Laws implement justice to the injustice. A law is a formal set of rules while the policy is an informal set of rules that may lead to the creation or addition of new laws. In a country, laws are created by a court and are created for the improvement of the country.

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In conclusion, a policy is like a subsidiary law which can either be followed or not. While a law, by means, must be followed by an individual while the individual stands in the land of a country. Those who break or neglect the policy or law are punishable, while people who break a policy can or cannot be punished by the leader or company manager. Those who break the law are taken to court to weigh the weight of the broken or neglected law are punishable depending on the degree of how heavy the crime is.


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