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What cultural and sociological factors led to the deaths of Jews in the Nazi reform?Extended EssayCandidate NumberWord CountOpening sentence option:Religion has been the the root of all conflicts since the beginning of time.Religion has been the main cause of numerous wars, creating conflict for more than 2,000 years. There are many common misconceptions about the philosophy of the Holocaust that leave non evidential facts.

Some people view religion as the science of how the earth was created and some view it as anti-science. The reading of the Holy Scriptures indicates that religion is and can be one’s particular faith in life. According to..

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. literal reading of holy texts is the “true” religious stance, that faith is incompatible with reason, and that all religions claim to possess sole and absolute truth. As humans we may not understand the suffering that other nations go through. Most of the causes happen on purpose in order to gain political rights, territory or to gain dominance. As do most political rivals between two ethnic countries, sometimes even more.In the land of Israel a journalist by the name Oded Halahmy, member of the world’s oldest Jewish community, discovered evidence of Jews being exiled from their homeland.

Although his except was towards the Arts, I found that Iraqi Jews had survived and thrived in harmony with other ethical and religious nations.  With the founding of Israel in 1948 new conflicts arose between Iraq Jewish and Muslim population. The Jewish communities were forced to abandon their home and start new lives in the land of Israel.

We read that religion can be a huge conflict in ethics of different religions. Of course the Jews settled in other parts of Europe, Jewish BusinessesSociologically the Jews were poor in the economy. Until their economic status was rising. They were good in tailoring and they had to have been doing something that the Germans weren’t because business was booming like crazy.

So they suspected how German businesses could rise above the Jews? Nazi saw Jews as a threat. The Nazi Regime had planned to boycott German Jews occupational opportunities.  The government passed a law restricting employment in the civil service to “Aryans. Jewish income had declined and German Jews who had worked for the government and school systems were fired. Hitler targeted Jews not for hate but for strategic reasons. He demanded that all Jew to wear identification symbols.

A star like form patched and  sewn onto each Jews clothing. The black and white patch was called” Star of David”. All jewish businesses were to be shut down and this symbol was painted all across jewish shops say, ” Dont buy from Jews they are a misfortune.” This was only the begging of the Holocaust. The plan- to eliminate all jewish populations and increase Germany’s economic status.  As the century continued, Jews were isolated from the productive part of the European cities and lived in Ghettos. Poland, 1648 many jews were massacred.

  In Russia, the amount Jewish businesses were increases in size. Capital towards their businesses were thriving. Jewish income had leveled to 13%.

Jewish people had not exceeded the income of Germans yet. But Germans knew that they were taking their business opportunities and consumers. So behind closed doors, hitler planned to build concentration camps to hold all jews then kill them all at once.

Concentration Camps From 1939-1942, the expansion of concentration camps had increased in development. Most of these camps were built by the Jew themselves, through forced labor of course. Germany had conquered most of Europe and new concentration camps continued to be built to incarcerate Jews as well as Gypsies, political prisoners, resistance groups and even spies. While in  the camps, Jew lived in horrible conditions.  The main camp was located in Sachsenhausen. It consisted of 50 barracks. It was the first place you stepped in when taken to the camp.

The barracks served as kitchens, infirmary, washrooms nd workshops. Other buildings included the prison, crematorium, and gas chambers which were built in 1943. The Jews were given food rations but, the amount per day had decreased and many jews began to starve. The Euthanasia program was conducted as many prisoners began to show immediate signs of illness and weakness due to abuse, starvation and lack of medical care. in June 1941, 269 “unfit” prisoners such as the disabled, were sent to Soonestien Camp. German medical professionals gassed the prisoners in Gas Chambers. Though shooting mainly took place for a Jews death, gas chambers were used to kill small group. Jews and other prisoners were often hung if one could not perform hard labor.

The Sachsenhausen Camp system began widely know and it expanded more then 40 subcamps. It held more than 13,00 women and a numerous amount of 65,000 prisoners. In the Concentration camps. Jews were overworked until their death. The truth of it all, the Jews were ordered to build more camps for themselves.

The camps were cramped, cold, and infested. Disease often broke out and since the Jews were malnourished some would die in their sleep.What is the holocaust?The Holocaust was a bureaucratic system of persecution that lead to the death of six million Jews. A racial genocide conducted by the German authorities of the Nazi regime, who felt targeted by groups of ideologists, communist, socialist and homosexuals.

In Europe about nine million jews lived in the countries. At least 200,000 were mentally or physically disabled. The Jewish population in 1933 were the next generation of Jewish relatives who grew up in Germany and made a living on their own. Some Jews were integrated by marriage with German families.  This genocide was not an economic movement to level out the population to the mortality rate. Holocaust is of a Greek origin which means “sacrificed by fire”.

Who hated jews?Adolf Hitler was a man who wanted to seize power in Germany. His strategy was to focus solely on the economic benefits he could bring to Germany.  His first attempt to leading his followers to Munich, known today as Beer Hall Putsch, failed and he was imprisoned. This attempted coup lead to groups fighting in the streets. Communist, Socialist, Nazis and other. Economically Hitler wanted change the exchange rate in Germany . A US equivalent dollar rose to 18,000 marks in 1923 and rose again to 350, 000 marks and  by september a stumble of one million marks.

Most nations When the exchange rate Hitler was an asymmetrical man compared to his population nationality decree. While in prison Hitler saw an opportunity. Adolf Hitler targeted jew using anti semitism ideas that already existed. Hitler was Austrian and he grew up in Vienna. His mayor strongly hated jews. No childhood event can link to a factor as to why Hitler hated jews so much. Why did Hitler want to eliminate all the jews?Hitler and the Nazis party believed that different races could be divided because there was a struggle going on between these two races. According to the Nazis there was a struggle going on between different races and the Aryan race was the superior race.

What was Hitler’s Solution?Hitler’s ultimate solution was to eliminate all jews had to banish the jews from society. His political message was a promise to make Germany economically a large and powerful country. Hitler’s Nazis party won the 1932 election, coming into power in 1933. How did the killings began?It was a program called Euthanasia.

Euthanasia means “good death”; a painless death for patients who were chronically or terminally ill. In Nazi terms euthanasia was an indirect term for clandestine murder program.  The Euthanasia program targeted mentally disabled and physically ill patients living in Germany and Germany-annexed territories. Economically disabled people were a financial burden on the German society.

In 1939, planners of Hitler’s chancery especially his private chancellery, Karl Brandt began to establish a killing operation that would target disabled children. There were six gassing installations for adults. These location were subsided in, Brandenburg, near Berlin on the Haven River, SOuthwest Germany Grafeneck, Saxony; Berburg and Sonnestein, Hartheim Austria and Hadamar, Hessen. To begin the operation, simple forms were sent out to families as a surveyThe categories of patients were as stated: —those suffering from schizophrenia, epilepsy, dementia, encephalitis, and other chronic psychiatric or neurological disorders—those not of German or “related” blood—those who had been confined to the institution for more than five years.—the psychotic and sociopathic criminalsDid Hitler really hate the jews?Hate is not the word, more like despised or did he need a group to blame for the WWI and economic crisis?Remember in Europe, hundreds of thousands of Jews businesses began thriving, overpowering the consumer status many other businesses. At the end of the 13th century, anti-Semitic sentiments increased around Europe. In England, Jews were expelled in 1290, while in many other places Jews were massacred.Following the fifteenth to sixteenth century Reformation anti-Jewish sentiments continued to take form in Northern Europe.

The man behind the reformation, Martin Luther, expressed strong anti-semitic ideas, for instance in 1453, when he wrote that the Jewish synagogues should be burned, their houses destroyed and the Jews driven out of Germany forever. Anti-Semitism was neither invented in Germany or a specific German phenomenon. Through centuries, Jews were a persecuted group of people. During the Middle Ages, such actions often took the form of pure mass murder. At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, Jews fell victim to frequent situations in Eastern Europe. But with the Nazi persecution in the 1930’s and 1940’s, Jews all under German control were systematically killed. With more than six million murdered.These families of Jews were often lied to.

Germans would break into their homes, say take all your belongings and would make them travel to another part of the country to Concentration camps. Once the Jews arrived they were ordered to place there belonging in a corner. German guards lied telling them they’ll get it later. But they didn’t. Of course as humans you would take your most valuable possessions if someone kicked you out your house. And that the Jews did. German guard would ran sack their items taking what they saw as worthy.

The real horrors of concentration camps involve burning of the human body itself. Think of an oven. Its size can only hold the proper food amount to heat. Now visualize a huge over, one the size of a supermarket. Imagine it hot, hotter than a volcano. The Germans had no remorse. They killed Jews by burning them alive or gathering them all around for a shower but the water turns out to be gas. You hear the screams for a faint moment them it’s quite.

Anti-Semitism was caused by xenophobia. The European populations turned their frustrations with their social and economic problems towards the Jews. This Genocide was a ethnic cleansing. Mass deportation of Jews lead them to killing centers. Heres some statistics:March 27, 1942: Germans begin the deportation of more than 65,000 Jews from Drancy, outside Paris, to the east AuschwitzJuly 15, 1942: Germans begin mass deportations of nearly 100,000 Jews from the occupied Netherlands to the east.July 22, 1942: Germans begin the mass deportation of over 300,000 Jews from the Warsaw ghetto to the Treblinka killing center.

September 12, 1942: Germans complete the mass deportation of about 265,000 Jews from Warsaw to Treblinka.April 1943 the Bermuda Conference openedJust as in any case of country difference a group had to be blamed for its fall. In this case, the Germans choose to persecute the Jews. Despite the differences there were very much educated German Jews in the Eastern European who were also persecuted.

Laws were created just after Hitler’s reign. Adolf Hitler’s political manifesto of his quote ”Mein Kampf,”. This political quote meaning my struggle. This had been his only completed book and was the bible of National Socialism in German Nazism for the Third Reich.

The book had two volumes. Fifty two million copies had been sold and the book was translated into 11 languages. Hitler thought that the Germans must keep themselves pure not breeding with other cultures and races. Cats, dogs and horses is what he wrote in his book to describe the Jews. He also wrote that the elimination of Jews was to be a bloody process. This was the Germans mission. His second volume explained terrorist methods that Germans must pursue in order to keep power.How did the US help the Jews? Germany wanted power.

The country always had a thirst for quest in expanding their territory. Other countries had realized the grotesque of the the Concentration camps and Hitler ruling and countries such as America itself withheld the void for more immigrant to come to the United States to seek refuge and asylum. Due to the 1929 Stock Market Crash, unemployment rose from 3%-23%, causing restrictions on immigration visas. The Roaring twenties, the time of greatness for America. Where people lived in the cities rather than farms. They listened to the same music, danced the same, and even used the same slang. These Americans also turned into a consumer society. Buying with credit and stocks on margin, allowing themselves to purchase as many items as they wanted to and pay later.

The more products sold the more quantities were produced, causing overproduction of agricultural and industrial goods. As a result of the nation had an extensive amount of credits in loans that caused the Stock Market Crash of 1929. along with bad trade policyThese events triggered the economic crisis that led to the Great Depression that not only affected the Americas, but the world as a whole including Canada.The Great Depression, a time of poverty and despair for all Americans, caused unemployment rates to increase from 3% to 23% and prices of industrial and agricultural produce to decline in prices as workers were laid off. Many banks failed and citizens lost faith.in the system of capitalism and their govt.  Therefore those who owed money could not pay back their loans, allowing the bank to have much possession of their belongings.

   During the time of Hoover’s presidency, he had the philosophy of rugged individualism. He refused to use governmental help to rise from the Great Depression. His focus was that America shall rapidly recover and have indirect action towards individual states. Hoover encouraged labor harmony and supported local aid for public works. One program that Hoover created was the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC); a government corporation in the United States that ran between 1932 and 1957 that provided financial support to state and local governments and made loans to banks, railroads, mortgage associations, and other businesses.Its purpose was to boost the country’s confidence and help banks resume daily functions after the start of the Great Depression. These measures did little to solve the crisis.  Despite Hoover’s efforts at recovery, his short term goals would only cause a great downfall as the years continued.

 President Roosevelt thought that government help was the best way to improve the US during the Great Depression. Overproduction and the Stock Market Crash of October 1929 caused 25% of Americans to become unemployed. The federal government aided some of the effects of the Great Depression by inspiring people to have confidence and putting more money into the market.

So the demand for production will increase and people will have work. Through Roosevelt’s New Deal plan to relieve the citizens, he created many programs. One of which was the Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA), which aided farmers and regulated crop production.

Without farmers the Americans wouldn’t have as much food production. This program was successful because, it reduced crop surplus raising the value of crop prices. Another program was Civilian Conservation Corps.

This program allowed 3 million young boys men to become employed and have some money in their pockets. Many of these young men whose home was the open road, would often causes mischief and weren’t aware of their futures. They were unskilled and many of them uneducated. This program was successful because, the CCC provided them with work within the Americas. Improving ours nation’s construction and wildlife areas. Also teaching them discipline, sanitation skills, and how to read, in order to provide for their families while they were away.

As the second New Deal came about Roosevelt moved towards more socialist belief that could destruct the nation’s capitalist system.  One program that was truly successful during the Great Depression was the Social Security Act, which helped the disabled and some of the most destitute in the nation. One program that failed was the Works Progress Administration, which demanded for more federal assistance as they hired 10 million citizens to construct new roads and buildings In 1938, President Franklin D. Roosevelt organized an international Conference on the crisis.

Thirty-two nations attended but no country was willing to accept an enormous number of Jewish refugees. Six years later Roosevelt felt it necessary to create the War Refugee Board. It saved 200,000 jews.

America sooned discovered the entirety of the Holocaust. Despite the obstacles, troops were sent in immediately to Concentration Camps at the end of World War II. ConclusionSociologically the Jews were poor in the economy. Until their economic status was rising. They were good in tailoring and they had to have been doing something that the Germans weren’t because business was booming like crazy. So they suspected how German businesses can rise above the Jews? Nazi saw Jews as a threat. When Hitler became in charge he ordered all Jew were a symbol to be spotted in the area.

Also closing all businesses. He targeted Jews not for hate but for strategic reasons. Events like this lead to the Holocaust a tragedy that ended more than 6 million Jews lives. The Nazi reform lead to millions of death and fascist genocide lead to a uniformed country. The phenotype of blonde hair and blue eyes created a standard to separate all jews from the norm. In conclusion this event is history created a scar on all the affected families. Though the event happened year ago, it still touches families today.

Socially and culturally jews were limited to who they could be and what they could do. In a place were a wide range of their ancestors were born. Jew were stripped of their identities. 


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