What take out the amount of money

What product are you selling?The company is selling the crank. We are selling the crank because we thought it would be a good product to sell. The crank is a very useful source for everyone. It can pick up heavy objects faster if they are in a rush to go somewhere.

What differentiates your business from others that are similar?The differentiates that our business from other that are similar is that the crank can help provide internal engines that typically to start an engine. It is a helpful for others to transfer place to place. Other do not have to wait a long time for The quick shaft because all of the quick shaft members are in every state. What your sources for finances?Some sources for sources of finances is personal investment.

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For example Retirement plans, Mutual funds, Home based business. We made this up so people can take out the amount of money out of their bank so they can purchase the crank.Cost of Business?The cost of our business is 15,000. We need 15,000 because we need to get materials for the crank, and materials to fix the broken vehicles with. The quick shaft also need some left over money for other people who need loans. Labor?The people in the labor are carpenters,mechanics,and labers. The quick shaft member are good because they have teamwork and provide good service for others.

The quick shaft is very respectful and hardworking.Land? Our land is an urban open space. The quick shaft was built on an open urban land space because of all of the heavy work. The quick shaft did this so no one or nothing is in danger. Also the business need to be organized and not disorganized. Natural resources? The quick shaft natural resources are Water, Dirt, Food, Gas, coal, oil,wood, etc.

The quick shaft need these materials for people and the heavy duties. They also need some of these materials for hydration. 5 year planGet money from selling the crankProduce good serviceStrategies plan                                               section 2Our business fits into the current industry because the latest invitons have to do with a widespread of stone and wheels. These inventions Our crank will make it much easier to lift heavy things such as stone.These cranks will be easy to use and can be used to lift many materials. The competition of stone is not a big one since we would make it better to carry with a crank.

The other competition is the wooden wheel but our crank is much more sturdy, And will be harder to break. The consumers we are looking for are construction workers and architect.We are looking for people who do heavy listing and are trying to cut down working time.Also we want consumers who run businesses that are large in construction.          section 3For our product we will be selling it by having groups of people either friends or family to advertise the product with me and my group.

 We’re going to sell our products in public places, the places are going to have to be smart places like Churches we’re people are kind and are able to open up to new things. Our products price won’t be very high we will only sell our product for 3 coins. We can promote our product by traveling around the world and have people spread the product to others once they buy it.


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