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What is an employment portfolio?An employment portfolio is used during interviews to answer questions about a job seeker andalso help the job seeker win the job. An employment portfolio is also used to demonstrate theperson’s skills and past by showing other places of employment, places they volunteered, andeducation. It is important to have an employment portfolio because it can make you look moreprofessional than the others who are applying for that job who do not have an employmentportfolio. Items in your employment portfolio can backup and support what you tell theemployer or interviewer. It also demonstrates your unique skills and abilities to your employer.What is a resume?A resume is one of the most important thing when applying for a job. If you are highlyexperienced or highly qualified if your resume is poorly presented you may have trouble gettingthe job you want or impressing your employer. A resume is a marketing tool that needs todemonstrate that you are employable, how you meet the job and the jobs requirements, you havethe right experience and skills, and that you have the right level of professionalism for a job. Ifyour resume does reach any one of these requirements it may be difficult to get employed so it isimportant to have a resume.What is a character reference letter?A character reference letter or also known as a personal reference letter is a letter of reference isprovided by someone who can attest your personality, skills, and traits. More than often acharacter reference letter is written by someone who is not an employer, such as a familymember, a teacher, a friend, mentor, or partner. A character reference letter is mostlikelyrequired as a part of a job application process, usually for jobs requiring a high level of ethicsand trustworthiness. A character reference letter may also be required for a school application,application of certification, or membership with a professional organization. Also, if you don’thave an excellent employment record, you can add a character reference letter to your list ofreferences to boost your chances of making a good impression.


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