The gain more knowledge about different species

The study of wildlife is also important to gain more knowledge about different species and their evolution. Different species make for a thorough gene pool that can also be harnessed to safeguard different species.

How We Harm Animals?

Clearing Forests for Agriculture: Forest tracts are continually being cut to make way for agriculture and urbanization.

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This is leading to loss of habitat for numerous species. It is estimated that as much five million hectares of forests in India have been lost. To provide for the growing food needs of India, forest areas have been cleared along with fertile land and grassland swamps. These were home to many rare species of the tigers and elephants. Hunting and poaching: Wildlife animals are hunted for various reasons. Hunting is undertaken for pleasure of the rich and famous, killing many animal species. While hunting was popular at a time when wildlife population was extensive, it is not so anymore.

Today, apart from being hunted for pleasure, wildlife is also being hunted for commercial purposes. Modern technologies which are being used these days to hunt include modern firearms, automobile brake cables and steel wires, and anti­malarial drugs are used to poison wildlife. Poaching of wild animals as well as birds is rampant. They are being hunted for their horns, antlers, skin, bones and feathers. Today, illegal global trade of wildlife is said to be almost $5 billion.

Therefore, strict regulations need to be in place to protect wildlife. A number of animals are hunted for their fur, which fetches a good price in the international market. Entertainment with Animals: A number of animal species are hunted and trapped for their entertainment value. These animals are trained to perform at the circus or in TV shows, etc. This implies a lot of cruelty to animals. For human entertainment, animals are chained and kept in iron cages to keep them from wandering. They are also treated with drugs to curb their normal activity and movement.

The behaviour of these animals is known to have changed due to the circumstances they live in. The small cages they are put in are packed with other animals, leaving little space for movement. They are also made to survive on little food and water. All of these cause a threat to the healthy survival of many of the animal species. Livestock grazing: India has a large population of livestock. As human population grows, so does livestock population.

Therefore, animals like buffaloes, sheep, goats and cows are a concern for the security of protected areas. Livestock grazes on the land that is meant for survival of herbivores. This is causing a threat to the survival of herbivores in the environment. Livestock also cause spread of diseases, like foot and mouth disease and anthrax. Using animals for research: Animals are often hunted for research purposes. New medical and cosmetic experiments are carried out on them.

This often leads to death or harm to the health of these animals. They can also undergo behavioural changes or their body parts are hurt.


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