What is evil is when a serious crime

What is good and what is evil? A question we are all sometimes unclear about when it comes to a person’s motive or a scenario. It’s regular to consider evil an inherent norm for a few people or gatherings. At the end of the day, a few people are said to be insidious. evil is a characteristic that is maybe natural to their being. Something is considered good if it is vital or even valued, things and people even one’s actions can be good. Buddha feels that good and evil are natural instincts of life. According to Bubba’s belief, it makes it difficult to say whether a person or a group of individuals are good or evil. Everyone is capable of acts of the most ethical good or unethical evil. An act of good or evil is believed to be the terms of it is an actual influence on our own lives and the lives of other people.

The word itself evil or even saying the word evil, is not something we use in our everyday language. We typically say bad or misbehaved or even not good. In today’s modern society, being evil is the total opposite of being good, right? Ok I am not the only one. Evil can be portrayed as doing something we are not supposed to be doing, such as, me not taking the trash out when my wife tells me too and me telling her. We truly typically feel when one is evil is when a serious crime has been committed, like murder, robbery things of that nature. Buddha to me explains that evilness is something we generate and not something we are and can definitely be fixed. Buddha feels someone that is evil can be fixed or cured because it is an action that we choose. To me I found that Buddha felt you can handle evil simply praying and meditation. Not our everyday meditation but to recognize the evil within ourselves and simply turn it around. Instead of being angry be happy, meditate your mind to think of the complete opposite of the desire or carving to do wrong. In the difficulty of acting good, worthy actions, act quickly. Protect the mind against the temptation evil.

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Simply by doing what’s right is good, complete opposite of evil. Doing good could mean a very wide variety aspect of things. General good means you are kind hearted, free from doing any harm to anything or person. For me, I feel I am a good person based on my actions I do on a daily basis. I choose every day to do right by me and the people around me, maybe that is why I truly chose to become a police officer. I find myself helping and catering to those that want to do good and cannot help themselves. I also find myself fighting the evil among us, with Buddha’s teachings I found that since my mind is in good spirts I should teach the good into the evil and help them turn it around. As Buddha saw all the evil and negativity, he was afraid to teach the people of his teachings. Buddha then decided to teach his teachings and showed how to use your body and mind to find happiness and do good by the people. Buddha was afraid of teaching in fear of no one will listen, for me I go through that on a daily basis especially with teenagers out there not doing good. It’s not easy to talk to one especially if you feel they will not take what you have to say to heart and change their ways. What makes this special is that Buddha understands that we will always not be good, due to personal cravings and having desires. But we can be control our desires and suffering by first acknowledging the problem and fixing it.

With Buddha’s teachings, I found that for Buddhism prayer and meditation is a major key and controlling the mind. Even Buddha becomes angry and have desires but he teaches to feel what you are feelings but to come to terms with it and how to deal with and become aware and mindful of it. This practice Buddha taught is through meditation, meditation is not taught to get rid of the emotions you face but is going through it and getting past it peacefully. Good and evil are very board meanings and can mean a variety of things when it comes to Buddhism. The ultimate goal is to spread positivity and show a different way of handling good and evil. Now with reading on about Buddha and his teachings it has taught me how I can use my mind to seek happiness and steer away from evil and how to deal with it. With Buddha’s teachings, it has taught me to use my everyday job to do what he has accomplish by simply teaching other people even to those that did not believe in what he had to say, he still spoke. We create our own happiness, but we can help others become happy as well and do good and not be evil.  


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