What development project, from an initial feasibility study

What is System Development Life Cycle

systems development life cycle (SDLC) is a conceptual model used in project management that describes the stages involved
in an information system development project, from an initial feasibility   study through maintenance of the completed

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System is a broad and a general term, and as per to Wikipedia;
“A system is a set of interacting
or  interdependent components forming an
integrated whole” it’s a term that can be used in different industries,
therefore Software
Development Life Cycle is a
limited term that explains the phases of creating a software component that
integrates with other software components to create the whole system.

System development life cycle is a detailed process
requiring careful planning, execution and management. When not managed
properly, the downside is scope creep, blown budgets, and stressed out
developers. Like in  resource management,
it is carefully planned until the best process or step was conceptualized.

 Explain each
phases of SDLC.


The following are the phases of System Development Life




Planning comes first from the phase of
SDLC. In this phase you will going to determine what type of system would be
the appropriate for the business. Planning would help an organization to
identify what are the factors that would make the system successful and to
avoid such time and money waste. In this phase you will also determine the problem
that may occur during the following phases. This phase will also help you to
determine solution that you may provide to address whatever problem may occur.


Systems Analysis and Requirements

The second phase is the system analysis and requirements.
In this phase the identified problem in planning will be addressed by the
organization. It is in this phase where the designation of each
responsibilities of the project. This is where the group analyze what is the
needs of the customer so that they will be able to make what are they expect to
the project.

Systems Design

The third phase is design. In this phase hardware and
software of the system is being improve. The features and specification of the
system is being enhance to meet the required standard of the organization.


The development phase is where different developers and
programmers are group together for the development of the project. This is
where the start of the production. This phase is where project will be
developed so that expectation of the user will be met.

Integration and testing

For this phase project will be tested to identify if
objectives are being met. This phase is where checking of system if there are
errors or parts that are not functioning. This is to determine if the system
works well and properly.


The implementation phase is where the project is ready to
use. It means that in this stage the project is being tested and ready for the
actual use of users. Old system is being replaced by the new built system. Is
this phase it will determine if the user expectation is being met for the final


Operations and Maintenance

Operation and maintenance phase is where system project is
being maintained and improve. In this stage updates for the system is needed in
order for the system to be in good condition. In this stage development of the
system is not yet the end but it is a continuous process so that system will
always function properly and always in a smooth condition.

What are other ways to gather information ? List 3 and

One-on-One Interviews:

It is a way of gathering
information where analyst identify a stakeholder where they can ask questions
personally.Questions can be between close or open ended questions.Close-ended
questions are for the specifics that you needed to find out while open ended
questions are for information about how the stakeholders view the system or how
they interact with the system which can’t be answered by simply  yes or no.


It is a way of gathering
information by using a set of questions which can be answered even without
interacting to the stakeholders personally.It is usually through a written
question in a paper that is answered by the respondents.It is very useful when
your subjects are scattered geographically and the time is limited.

User Observation:

It is a way of gathering
information by actually observing the subject you intend to collect the
information.It is useful because sometimes users find it hard to describe or
explain the system.It can also be very useful to verify the already existing
data.However observer should took informations without bias for this type of
data gathering to be successful.


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