2. cardinal principles: 1. That there is


Helps preserving Indian heritage and culture and projecting the same to the world. 3. brings socio-economic benefits in terms of employment, income generation, revenue generation, foreign exchange etc; 4. Gives direction and opportunity to the youth of the country to understand the aspirations and view point of others and helps in greater national integration; 5. Offers opportunities to the youth of country, not only for employment but also for taking up activities for nation- building and character building like sports, adventure, etc. Interestingly, the new tourism policy in the changed scenario has: 1.

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Placed tourism as a central input in the economic development process because of its role in resource generation and employment creation; 2. focused on the role of tourism in socio-economic development of the backward areas, weaker sections, women and artisans; 3. Allowed these goals to be pursued in tune with the goal of the enrichment of the environment and the ecosystem; and 4. Recognized the role of tourism as a potent global force for national and international understanding and for creating awareness for sustainable development.

Any policy for sustainable development will naturally revolve around the following cardinal principles: 1. That there is need for striking a balance between development and conservation; 2. That there is need for commitment of the nation as a whole to the goals of sustainable tourism development. 3. That adequate, effective and pragmatic control systems are devised and are efficiently put into place; and 4. That the policy incorporates and motivates cooperation’s of the local community who must perceive the benefit of such participation and should be able to partake the same.


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