The poster is another important publicity medium of

The brochure is different from the folder in size as well as in content and detail. The importance of the brochure in tourist publicity has not been adequately appreciated and, on account of financial reasons, it has been insufficiently utilized.

The brochure offers greater possibilities than the folder to combine with each other publicity and service, suggestion and information. The poster is another important publicity medium of tourism. The difficulties in respect of the production of the general folder occur especially in the case of the poster. The tourist poster should combine its effectiveness based on psychological factors with the task of expressing the impersonation of a country as a tourist destination working on the limited means at its disposal. The publicity journal which is utilized at present by almost every national tourist publicity organization is more representative than all other forms of printed material. As such, it is expensive and therefore limited in its circulation. For the sake of comprehensive coverage, mention may also be made of the printed publicity material which really belongs to the sphere of customer service, like maps, guide books, directories, inserts, etc.

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Projected Publicity:

Projected publicity media comprise film and slide publicity. Of particular importance is the film which is an outstanding publicity medium, not only on account of its representational potentialities, but also because of its suggestive power. The colour film is assuming increasing significance within the framework of tourist publicity.

The central idea of the film should be expressible in terms of motion and these accounts for the cardinal rule of all publicity films: short text but plenty of action which should captivate the attention of the spectators and also aim at influencing memory through emotional factors. Publicity effectiveness is a characteristic not only of the purely publicity film, but also of the feature film as well as the instructional or didactic film. In the United States of America and Western Europe the travel film with a commentary known as the “travelogue” has won extensive popularity. Television is a suitable medium to spread the interest in foreign countries and thus serves tourist publicity.

iii. Structural Publicity:

Structural publicity comprise all publicity measures which manifest themselves in constructions and structures, as for example, in the establishment and equipment of a tourist publicity office abroad, in participation in fairs and exhibitions, in the preparation of showcases and window displays, etc.

There is also the possibility of publicity combinations whereby tourist publicity can be undertaken in conjunction with business publicity. For example, shops selling sports goods, fashion articles, travel accessories, etc., are willing to have such combinations in their show-windows.

Similarly at fairs the joint stands of a country procure publicity advantages for tourism because the exhibition as a whole shows tourism in relation to the country and succeeds in creating lasting impressions.

iv. Personal Publicity:

Personal publicity in tourism has various forms of application ranging from the informational and sales talk to publicity travel, which serves the need of maintaining contact with the travel industry and to support it in its sales efforts, and includes the publicity lecture. In all these spheres the personal effort holds away. Also to this category belong interviews, radio broadcasts, television interviews, receptions, etc.


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