More is advocated by specialists and economists.

More recently, supply side imitation has been modified greatly in an attempt to meet new market needs.

New market trends are creating new challenges, cultural and natural resource interests, better human relationships and desire for specialized travel products. Creative and innovative planning and design approaches are now changing in order to develop attractions, facilities and service that better reflections of segmented market needs. Interestingly, tourism related business is growing, demanding comprehensive services. Moreover, environmental concerns are stimulating greater interest in tourism planning. Tourism destinations are facing environmental threats from all sources. Municipal and industrial wastes continue to cause air, water and land contamination.

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Depletion of forests, reduction of wildlife, air pollution and soil erosion continue to destroy resources potential for tourism. Gradually tourism proponents are beginning to recognize these threats and are expressing their concerns in political and physical plans. It is now well proved that tourism can produce its own negative impacts on society and economy. So the major challenge is to minimize the negative impacts and maximise the positive impacts of tourism. Importantly, sustainable development is advocated by specialists and economists.

Therefore perspective planning regarding tourism destinations development is called for.


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