We is characterized by long-term unemployment, even generation

Weall know that the social structure of Britain, is attaches great importance tothe concept of social class in history. Their ideas were more traditional andmind that their class to decide their quality of life.

There exist manyadvantages and disadvantages point. The class rating standard always turn on Wealth,income, education level and occupation. After the second world war, significantchanges have taken place in people’s life style, the way the economy andsociety, a large number of immigrants, introducing concept to guide class moreand more attention. Britain’s class is mainly divided into the bottom, theworking class, middle class and the top of the four large class.

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Is to letpeople convenient division or define one’s wealth, the identity of the symbolic.In today’s society, social class is an important social fact feel many notconvenient place, treated by different attitudes, by a stratified society ishuman, the inequality between the differences is to distinguish between highand low. Different class will affect your life, work and friends. In theeconomic theory of capitalism, and put forward the “class is variable, andis decided by the combination of the various options and opportunities.

“Next, we will analyze what impact the social class will have on people.Firstly,recognize objective also subjective measures from claiming social class. The UKdivision the underclass, referred to as “long-term” unemployed evengeneration. The bottom is characterized by long-term unemployment, evengeneration and live in houses of local government. Among the working class arenot skilled, semi-skilled workers or skilled workers. Unskilled or semi-skilledworkers is a factory worker or manual workers, they are usually be compelled toaccept education after employment.

They mainly engaged in car factories, steelmills, coal, foundry, and textile factoryassembly line or workshop engaged in unskilled or semi-skilled. Skilled workersengaged in skilled blue-collar jobs in construction and manufacturing, mostlymaintenance plumbing, lock, lock, etc jobs. Lower middle class residences tendto be located in the lower suburbs.

The jobs they do – like salespeople, ticketclerks, train captains, flight attendants and travel agents – are relativelyunskilled. Middle of middle class is divided into the lower middle class, middleclass, upper middle class. Lower middle class mainly received higher education,a class of typical career including accountants, architects, teachers, socialworkers, managers, IT professionals, engineers, and civil servants. Theydespise the upscale life, attaches great importance to the investment. Theupper middle class, was born in high-income families.

At the top level peopleare called upper-class people. They are made up of aristocrats, gentry andhereditary landlords. The stratification is mainly a generation inherited fromthe family. The family determines the level of your life, work and friend, andmakes an important class division of the plum society. Although people can usetheir own efforts to change their life ring is bad, in the <<56 Up>>in the film, a Nick’s boy was born in a peasant family, by their own efforts tobecome a physicist, and to live and work in the United States. In Englishclass, we can see that the working class as long as, through their own effortscan scale up, into the middle class. After the rich or rich, the poor can onlydepend on oneself to change a little way. The concept of social class is someimpatient.

Secondly,Britain’s class grandparents or parents of children in society influence isextremely profound, whether in the life, study and work in the future.Determine your advantages or disadvantages exist in the future. In futurerelations, there are so many factors in the social fabric that they only focuson parents and children for two generations, but in reality the class you arein may depend on more branches in family relationships. If a child’sgrandparent belongs to the upper class, he or she may have a career ormanagement position when he or she is 2.

5 times more likely to grow into anaverage person. This may be because grandparents educate their children, helptake care of their children, or provide social relations that help to creategrandchildren’s employment opportunities. Because of the existence of classconcepts, children are influenced by families and have different attitudestowards people of different classes, causing great social shortcoming. Classmakes communication between people smaller, differences in opinion, peopleenjoy the status of prestige, so that social mobility is low, long-term socialmobility remained at very low level, takes about 10 generations to thecommunity from the highest or lowest the class becomes a middle class. Perhapsthe family to bring the help to the success of their genes. Decision in thefuture for their children, they can’t make a wide range of friends, only knowin their class, because the concept of class very seriously, people of theconcept of class has certain interfaces. A person’s family is a doctor or alawyer, a lot of their children’s work in the future, great opportunity is adoctor or a lawyer. That they make friends will only is this a range of people.

This makes the existence of social unity, not much flexibility, because oftheir own families, their children are infused with a lot of information, notfor their dreams or goals to achieve further. We can also see a list of paststudents at Oxford and Cambridge. Most of the students are aristocratic orhigher social status, and these situations do not occur if the social mobilityin the UK is high. Each metropolitan class has the same status.Lastly,People enjoy their status, prestige and the power of money, so that the Britishclass concept can never be eliminated. We cansee that the identity of the family in society will affect their children. Becausehuman beings are attractive to money and status, rich people can enjoy thehighest attitude to life. Therefore, many children will follow their parents’mentality.

Parents also arrange everything for their children. At lower levels,however, they can only rise one level, no matter how much they pay. And can notbe further upgraded to higher. Becausethey are excluded by the higher-class people.

Perhaps a handful of people relyon their own clever ideas to get the high-level influence. Improve your life. Britishlife in line with the recognition, for which British people may be proud. ButBritish life is ashamed of important social facts about the social class.Therefore, we try to deny their existence, and most unfortunately, this notionwill disappear forever. Differences between people to distinguish between highand low and the lower classes are not treated equally.

“Even if you do not knowwho your great-grandfather is, that person can affect your current life.” Saidby Clarke. The future quality of life of children, the friends they make, andthe power to make decisions will always fall on the hands of their parents orgrandparents, perhaps making some changes on their own. Despite the Britishgovernment’s attempt to try out this concept, the power of change is vested inthe public because no major changes will be made in the long run. Britain’sstrict class system will only make society more exclusive.

People disagreeabout people’s attitudes or things they handle. The government’s management orpoor management has made life more difficult for people and the environment.Rich people continue to be rich and poor people continue to live in difficulty.

Inconclusion, the class made communication between people become smaller,differences of opinion, the people of the prestigious position, make the socialmobility is low, long-term social mobility in a very low level, as you can seethe highest stage of class or low class people’s standard of living in thefuture, work level and the level of making friends. Due to the existence of theconcept of class, the child is affected by the family, the people of differentclasses have different attitude. Decision for children’s future, and they can’tmake a wide range of making friends, only know that in their class to thenotion of class very seriously, the concept of class of people make friendshave a certain wariness. There are many factors in the social structure, theyonly focus on two generations of parents and children, but in fact you are inclass may depend on more branch of family relationships. This may be becausethe grandparent’s education children, help to take care of the children, orprovide help create grandchildren jobs of social relations. Make socialexistence oneness, lack of flexibility. In the United Kingdom can not besuccessful by their own efforts.

As the British enjoy their own prestige andstatus, the status of the family makes people feel a sense of trust in theBritish concept of the traditional class can be seen that people only have a certainexperience in the work of the trust. This is a big problem in the UnitedKingdom and difficult to solve in the short term.


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