WARNING: police officers, etc. In my eyes,

             WARNING: THIS ONE’S A DOOZY… The GoodEmergency medicine is the part where you can have an enormous impact on your patients depending on how well you work with your team.

Emergency physicians are experts at diagnosing and managing patients for quite literally anything. This would be my idea of a “dream-job”; and no, this isn’t because of popular stereotypes of asians having these types of jobs although, I do have to admit that this is an unusual choice in comparison to others who might want to be teachers, chefs, police officers, etc.  In my eyes, this is the best job you could ever get in the world; and here’s why.

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  Although many patients require more intensive/ immediate care, like surgery, emergency physicians have all the tools he/ she needs to begin the management of any medical condition or injury. You would manage sick patients every day and have major impacts on their lives. You would have the opportunity to perform many procedures, both routine and life-saving. EDs, or emergency doctors, have become the “first gate” for the healthcare system. Patients go to the emergency department to find out what’s wrong, and they can often get a diagnosis during that visit, in comparison to what could take weeks in other places.

 Emergency physicians see a rather extensive variety of patients, ranging from babies to elderly; the critically injured and even their worried loved ones along with pregnant mothers-to-be’s, psychiatric patients, and just about every person from every walk of life. Emergency physicians manage patients with all sorts of medical and surgical illnesses/ injuries. Within a few hours, they may be able to reduce a shoulder dislocation, manage a cardiac arrest, evaluate a suicidal teenager, place a chest tube for a collapsed lung, manage multiple trauma victims from the same vehicle collision, along with being able to check a 3-year-old for abdominal pain all in the same shift. Emergency physicians typically work 8-12 hours at a time and due to the intense nature of EM, emergency physicians work between 1,500 to 2,000 hours a year. Most EM practices don’t have an on-call time; which allows emergency physicians to take time off, often during weekdays. Many emergency physicians work part-time or take longer vacations for it’s common for an emergency physician to have other professional jobs.                       *I know picture doesn’t exactly match the situation, but it’s the “best one”*                                                                                 * a few hours later . .

. **meanwhile . . .*Emergency physicians work closely with others, including other emergency physicians, the medical staff, and many other members of a health-care team.

A successful ED will have excellent relationships with the other staff members along with the ability to work well in a single, unified, well-organized team.                                       Part 2 coming soon…


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