Virtual of learning it is necessary that web-based

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom is a type of distance
learning source which offers convenience and flexibility (Bigony, 2010). It
permits teachers and students to communicate online simultaneously. The most
important advantage of virtual classroom is to allow communication between
teachers and students with the help of text messaging, audio, and video and
express emotion using emoticons (Martin et al., 2012). It also uses internet as
a medium which is a low-cost and flexible method for students training in a
range of subjects, especially computer domains (Phillips, 1998).

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To begin a new era of learning it is
necessary that web-based course uses the internet tools for communication
between teachers and students, as human element is most effective while
teaching, therefore the technologies or tools which offer face-to-face
communication/ classroom are more efficient. Virtual Classroom is one such
amazing tool. It is a course in itself which help students to get all sort of
information related to course, materials, exercise, online scheduling, contacting
teachers etc. It provides the student virtual work i.e. discussions,
participations, explorations about the topics (Artyushina and Sheypak, 2012).

Thus, internet based applications such
as Virtual Classroom provides the student those environments which are either
very expensive or in-accessible in a classroom setup making them easily
accessible at a very low cost. It enables students especially with disabilities
to experience a field trip or a lab experiment while just sitting at home in
front of computer screen. It caters different modalities to the students
according to their diverse learning style (Smedley and Higgins, 2005).

Teaching with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the combination of hardware
and software where a college can access information from anywhere and anytime
across the world. Cloud computing has been into services and deployment models.
Service model includes IaaS (infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a
Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service). Deployment models classified into
private, public, hybrid and community clouds (Maqsood and Haseebuddin, 2015). Cloud
computing in teaching has been used to create collaborative environments, share
references, hold virtual discussions, deploy web applications, and manage
projects. (Zamri Murah, 2012). Teachers can send study materials or any other information
to their students through email or using a client server based learning
management system (for example, SPIN). Students can upload and download the
study materials using SPIN and share between themselves. In addition, they can
store materials in Dropbox (a cloud based storage services) and share materials
using webcam. They can also use video streaming services which are enabled in
cloud infrastructure.

B-schools need to rethink budgeting to acquire
new software and hardware and offer cloud based teaching to the business
management graduates. Students and teachers can share ideas, create interactive
sessions, group projects, store information or materials, access information
from any devices, saves time, and resources.   


This paper has tried to bring all educational
technologies under one umbrella because previous studies conducted on specific
technology in general but not particular in business management education. Teaching
with educational technologies are categories into mobile computing devices,
physical technology, social networking. In addition, Moodle, podcasting,
augmented reality and virtual classroom technologies has discussed. Since the
length of the paper increased, other technologies (Flipped Classroom, Multimedia,
Electronic grade book, Digital cameras, LCD projectors, Video cameras, Students’
websites, Intranet, Internet/web-based education, (Wi-Fi) wireless fidelity, Desktop
computers, 3D technology) are not explored. Most of the universities and
corporate b-schools are neglecting educational technologies and hence there is
a need to prepare strategies concerning teaching pedagogy and integrate with
technology so that students and teachers contributes to innovative economy. 


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