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Vietnamese culture has been influenced and formed by many different civilizations. Through its own wars, food, lifestyles, customs, religion and clothing.

The Vietnam war helped shape Vietnam into what it is today, being one of the only communist countries in present time. Many factors came into changing Vietnam, not only the war but new industrialization and migration. All these things makes Vietnam its very own.

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 The Vietnam war continued from 1954 to 1973 and struggled almost 20 years of battle, which was also given the name, the Second Indochina China. The basic cause for the war was that Vietnam was plot in two in 1945. North Vietnam as communist who was supported by the Soviet Union, China, and other communist allies. And South Vietnam as democratic, supported by the USA, South Korea, Australia, and other anti-communist allies.

The American involvement was to prevent communism from spreading not only to South Vietnam, but also other countries. Once the war ended, North Vietnam won the war in the United States have no relations with the new country.                Vietnamese cuisine can be very unique due to its geographic location and climates. It border china, Cambodia, Laos, and gulf of Thailand to the west. The climate here helps to make ingredients that are in traditional dishes, like the commonly used Nauc Mam. It is a dipping fish sauce. It is used to balance out some of the food. Plain rice is the center of Vietnamese diet.

This rice is almost part of every meal. Rice can also be used to make noodles. Pho is the signature dish of Vietnamese cuisine.

Mostly eaten for breakfast, but can also be eaten at any part of the day. The two types of Pho is Pho bo, beef noodle soup, and Pho ga, chicken soup. The noodles themselves are made of different types rice.               Lifestyles differ from where you are in Vietnam. But they all have the same fundamentals, family. Many household are very large with extended families who were the three generations aunt, uncles, cousin all living in the same house. Most of the population live in countryside of mountains and lowlands.

People that live in the lowland make money by farming. But life as a farmer is not easy. They must rise before the sun is up, each member of the family has certain jobs to dozen do heavy labor, and elderly do light labor, girls clean cook and work in gardens. Many of the families that lived in the rural places will not or can not afford afford electricity or have running water.                 Seventy percent of Vietnam’s population is Buddhist. Which means they believe in Buddhism.

Buddhism is be teaching of Gautama Buddha and a practice and spiritual development. Buddhism came to Vietnam from India. Another major religion is Catholicism, Faith practice order of the Roman Catholic Church. Which was brought by the French colonist and has four million follower. 


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