Vegetarianism is at a 4% risk. Another

Vegetarianism is a good idea for anyone, whether young or old, healthy or sick. Reasons supporting vegetarianism are inarguable since becoming a vegetarian is scientifically proven to improve one’s lifestyle in several different ways. First and most importantly to many, vegetarianism improves one’s health tremendously. Secondly, it can improve or display one’s spirituality and beliefs. Another reason for changing to a vegetarian lifestyle that most people don’t know is for the ecology and our surroundings.

All of the above reasons and many more show that vegetarianism is a wonderful enhancement to anyone’s overall life.Health should be a considerable priority in every individual’s life and vegetarians are proven to be healthier than carnivorous humans in various ways. First, medical studies show that a human being’s body was not made to be carnivorous (for example; humans have no fang s or claws) and because are digestive system was not made to digest meat, a vegetarian diet is much easier and healthier for our bodies. Secondly, as known around the world, the most common cause of death is heart attack and the average man is at a 50% risk while a vegetarian man is at a 4% risk. Another fact most don’t think about is that every one out of three chickens is infected with salmonella bacteria.

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Speaking of bacteria and disease, the U.S. Department of Agriculture implies that it protects meat-eaters through regular and thorough meat inspection while in reality, fewer than one out of every 250,000 slaughtered animals is tested for toxic chemical residues. As a matter of fact, breast milk of a meat-eating mother versus a non meat-eating mother is 35 times higher for contamination of milk due to pesticides found in meat. Vegetarianism also prevents cancer by 50%, and prevents heart disease, lowering blood pressure, gallstones, kidney stones, osteoporosis and can even reverses diabetes.

Finally, maintaining a vegetarian diet will not only make you physically healthier but will improve your psychiatric health also. In fact, many psychiatrists recommend a vegetarian diet to those with violent anger problems. As provided above, becoming a vegetarian would improve anyone’s health and give all nutrition needed including protein.Many vegetarians do what they do for spiritual reasons and all have much supporting logic behind all the spirituality. Others claim they are spiritual people who are compassionate but how can one who eats meat be so with the knowledge of the suffering animals whose pain are beyond calculation? If one has understanding from God, how can he/she nourish ones’ self by the misery and death of other organisms made to live and be free? When a human kills an animal for food, he/she is neglecting his own hunger for justice. When a human claims to love God’s creatures and then eats meat, he/she is inconsistent and a hypocrite. One should never accept characteristics such as injustice, inconsistency and hypocrisy while asserting spirituality.There is another beneficial reason for vegetarianism that most never have heard of or thought about.

Our environment is affected in many ways by livestock and so on. In fact, every quarter pound of hamburger meat one eats destroys 55 square feet of rainforest, which is already being demolished in the first place. This is because many cattle eaten in the U.

S. have been fattened up and raised in former rainforest that was converted to grazing ground. Actually, more than 50% of rainforest destruction has been from animal grazing.

Other than the destruction of rain forest, more than half of all water supplies goes to livestock production. Vegetarianism could even improve our world by preventing hunger for 1,300,000,000 humans could be fed by the grain and soybeans fed to livestock each year. Not only does meat eating help destroy our bodies but the world around us.When it all comes down to it, being a vegetarian is a wonderful, spiritual, and helpful way of life and it could be to all.

It could improve health, spirituality, and even the ecology. There are many more reasons supporting vegetarianism and one could always find some that are most important to them. Some think of vegetarianism as a punishment or restriction while true vegetarians and the ones who know most distinguish that it is a fantastic and quick way to refine and add energy, godliness, and will power to anyone’s life.Elissar Abdul-Khalek

by near here, up in Humboldt County about

by Jello Biafra From I Blow Minds for a Living, recorded at Slim’s, San Francisco, Nov 21, 1990 Does anybody out there know that for the first time in American history the U.S.

Army was used in a war operation against the American people? Right near here, up in Humboldt County about 200 miles north of San Francisco right near a town called Shelter Cove, get this: three- to four-hundred American G.I.s dressed with automatic rifles and fully armed for battle, fanned out on maneuvers through the woods, backed up by a dozen Blackhawk attack helicopters. The mountain people up there were frightened out of their wits! They thought there was a war going on, especially the ones that had soldiers kicking in the doors to their cabins and putting guns to their heads in front of their children. Why!? Who was the enemy in this war? Not the communists! Not Saddam Hussein! Not Earth First! or even the spotted owl. No! The enemy they called out the army to put down, secretly, so few people outside of Humboldt would get alarmed as possible, it wasn’t even a person or an army or a terrorist group! It was a plant, the marijuana plant. And they actually did manage to find a few for the G.

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I.s to pull up, and then they had to fly in more from the government stash so the pile would look big enough when they lit the bonfire for the network TV news cameras, so that they could say “Yes! Another triumph in the Drug War!” Drug War. War. The American army sent to war against the American people. And we’re supposed to feel relieved and secure and protected. Protected from what?! A lot of people with more guts than I’ll ever have risked their life and limb all last summer at the Earth First! Redwood Summer Action up in Humboldt County. They were chaining themselves to redwoods that were three times wider than they were, 800 years old, they were spread-eagled, as the saws buzzed right over their heads. They stood in the dirt as the bulldozers charged them and stopped right at their toes.

Or people waved clubs at them, charged them with logging trucks, shotguns, you name it. All to try to save some of the last unspoiled virgin forest we have left anywhere in this country from being chopped down and turned into toilet paper, TV Guides and the Weekly World News. On the other side the loggers saying “What about our jobs!? What about our families!? What about our lives?! You needed wood and cardboard to make those protest signs!” We need fuel! We need paper! It’s almost gone! Where are we gonna get more? The answer, for centuries, has been right under our nose: grow more pot! If we’re serious about saving the earth, saving the ozone and our freedom to go about saving the earth and the ozone, we should start by paying all those dirt-poor coca farmers in South America and out-of-work loggers in Fortuna and Eureka, and Midwest family farmers and rust-belt families too, to all get together and grow more pot! Why? Get ready for this…! There’s a book out called The Emperor Wears No Clothes. The author’s name is Jack Herer.

It’s published by Queen of Clubs, and I think there’s ads for it in High Times, or NORML, the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws, could direct you to a copy I’m sure, and in this book, among other places, it is written that before the 20th century, the marijuana plant provided almost all the world’s paper, all the world’s clothing and textiles, and almost all the world’s rope. According to none other than the U.S. Department of Agriculture you can make four times as much paper from one acre of hemp plants as you can from an acre of trees. And instead of chopping down all the redwoods in Humboldt County and turning Northern California, Oregon and Washington and Appalachia into the Sahara Desert, if you do it with hemp plants, you can just grow another crop a few months later and make more paper! At one-quarter the cost of making paper from


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