One departments and processes around specialised tasks

One of business process re-engineering’s basic assumptions is that the traditional way of organising departments and processes around specialised tasks is inherently wasteful and unresponsive to the firm’s customers.

In re-engineering a firm’s process, the basic questions are “why do we do what we do?” and “why do we do it the way we do?” Re-engineering process substitutes several generalists for all the separate task specialists, and letting one generalist do all the tasks for a request, rather than having the process carried out like a relay race. 1. Several jobs are combined into one, so an assembly-line process is replaced by generalists (or teams) who carry out all the tasks themselves. 2. Workers make more decisions. 3.

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Re-engineering reduces checks and controls, instead, there’s an emphasis on selecting and training competent generalists. 4. Re-engineered processes tend to take a “case manager” approach to dealing with customers: each customer ends up with a single point of contact when checking on the status of a request.


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