2. when any person acts upon the conditions

2. Implied Offer:When an offer is implied by conduct of parties or circumstances of the case it is called an implied offer. 3.

General Offer:When an offer is made to the public at large it is called general offer. This offer may be accepted by anyone. For example, an offer to give reward to anybody who finds the lost horse is a general offer. Though the general offer is made to the public at large, the contract in this case comes to an end when any person acts upon the conditions of the offer. 4. Specific-Offer:Specific offer is an offer, which is made to a specific or an ascertained person. In this case, the person to whom the offer is made is only liable to accept the offer. 5.

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Counter Offer:Counter offer by the offeree terminates the original offer. When in place of accepting the terms of an offer as they are, the offeree accepts the same subject to certain condition or qualification, then a counter offer is said to be made. 6.

Cross Offer:Where two parties make identical offer to each other, in ignorance of each others offer, this offer is termed as cross offer. In this case, there is no contract because out of the two parties no one can be called for acceptance. 7.

Standing Offer:When an offer is allowed to remain open for acceptance over a period of time, it is called standing, open or continuing offer. Tenders are the example of standing offer.


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