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Unit TestName: David ShestopalDate:     Linkage Institutions (10 points)Score How do linkage institutions help connect people to their government? Give two examples of such institutions.Answer: Linkage institutions help connect people to their government by “linking” them together. Those comes the name linkage which means connection. An example of this is the U.S. senate in which people elect officials to represent them in the government thus connecting the people to the government. Another example of this is “ACORN” which is a organization funded by the government which helps the people and that way connects people to there government.     (10 points)Score Briefly explain how the Electoral College functions in choosing the American president.Answer: The Electoral College consists of 538 electoral voters. How the electoral college functions is first people vote for the electors. They then poll the residents and politicians of that state. The polling results are sent to Washington DC to see whether or not to vote for the candidates that the state they were assigned to voted for. After meeting with high ranking government officials the college goes to  Capitol building where they lock themselves in until they have voted.  After they have finished voting, as a sign of them having agreed on a president burn white smoke out of the capitol.    (10 points)Score How do politicians and the media benefit one another in this political system?Answer: The media and the political system are connected closely. The politicians benefit in the way that they play roles and star in shows for the media to boost ratings and what the politicians get in return is a large amount of coverage  from the media which helps them get elected and push their motives to a large audience. In today’s times there are two main political supporting media companies which are CNN which support the left and Fox new which support the right wing. The media needs to put out new and get money while the politician needs media coverage so they basically exchange services.     (5 points)Score What are benefits of the two-party system for the United States?Answer: The two major benefits to a two-party system is limitation of change and stability in the government. With the system the U.S. is equally divided so no party gets to strong. Also it’s also easier for voters because there are only two options. Another benefit is they discourage sudden change trends in the government.  Your Score___ of 35     


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