Understanding subjective value to be determined by each

Understanding the concept
of evil has gained increasing interest since the past 30 years. According to
Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, Evil has been broadly divided into two categories:
Natural Evil and Moral Evil. Natural evil is merely due to bad state of affairs
which do not result from the intentions or negligence of moral agents. The
examples being something as huge as an Earthquake or as small as a stomach
ache. In contrast to that, Moral evils result from ill intentions or negligence
of moral agents. Murder and lying are apt examples of moral evils. Immanuel
Kant, in his Religion Within the Limits of Reason Alone, was the
first to offer a purely secular theory of evil. Kant equates evil with having a
will that is not fully good. According to Kant, we have a morally good will
only if we choose to perform morally right actions because they are morally

Good, on the other hand
is often related to morality. The definition of good stands clear in comparison
to the evil/bad. Good does not have an existence of its own unless defined what
Evil means. The Merriam Webster defines good as: of a favourable character or
tendency. This then makes good a
subjective value to be determined by each individual according to what they
find favourable. The theory elaborating this concept is the value theory which
designates the area of moral philosophy that is concerned with theoretical
questions about value and goodness of all varieties. The basic questions it
answers is: Variety of goodness; Differentiation between good, better and bad.

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We are exposed to good
and bad through our culture, religion, societal norms. Can this thought be
extended to entertainment? The answer to this is “Definitely!”. Dated back in
eighties started the series of Star Wars. It was seen as a means to make people
understand what good stands for, its attributes and characteristics. Modern day
Harry Potter series have made clear distinctions of the good side and the bad
side and which one to choose. People adored Harry Potter (the protagonist) and
the story proved that in the end good triumphs. If there are such series, there
are also the one’s like DC’s Batman Trilogy where the anti-villain gained more
popularity even as compared to Batman (the protagonist).

People these days often
root for the criminal than the saviour. It’s the age of Anti- Hero. An anti-hero
is that protagonist who lacks the traditional qualities of the admirable
leading man or woman. He or she is shown to lack not only courage, kindness and
nobility, but most notably, moral goodness. It’s a character composed of flaws
and is analogous to a demon, disregarding the normal societal processes for his
or her own agenda. It’s become a compelling phenomenon that we are rooting for
someone who is violating everything we’ve ever known as right. We, as a group
are determined to study this phenomenon in detail.


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