Under the Tuscan Sun Tanning saloon

Under the
Tuscan Sun
Tanning Saloon
Michael J.
Under the Tuscan Sun Tanning Saloon will be a new and innovative approach as your tanning solution. My company will provide convenient, state of the art tanning while providing competitive prices. Under the Tuscan Sun will be located at the Clifton Commons Shopping Plaza.

Under the Tuscan Sun will provide breakthrough technology with the newest products provided by ETS/Wolfe Tanning Systems. ETS/Wolfe Tanning Systems is and has been the number 1 competitor in its industry of producing Tanning Equipment. Newly designed “Lay down” beds are 50% safer than most comparable products of its kind in the market because of a new UV free system patented and produced only by ETS/Wolfe. ETS/Wolfe also provides more efficient “Spray Tan” booths, by carefully placing more efficient jet sprays in the system, capable of covering 40% more area with the same amount of tanning solution, and providing lower operating costs. In cooperation with this company and mine together we will be able to provide top of the line service.

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This will be a new step for me, more like a pilot project. Although I maintain minimal knowledge in this industry, I will be fully supported by the ETS/Wolfe Team in guiding me along during the beginning stages of my company’s development. They will provide the guidance and expertise in marketing, product placement, product knowledge and initial set up and maintain a record of my progression thru different stages in development.

What I will provide to the prosperity of this business is the management expertise that any business needs in day to day operations and potential growth. After 7 years in the military, 4 being in a supervisor/managerial position, I have learned the strong skills needed to maintain “Good Running” order. I have experienced supervising over 25 personal which is much more than the possible 6 positions in this company. I have attended Primary Leadership Development Course with the military, which focuses on, general supervision tactics, time management, customer service, dealing with personnel issues, and many other skills used by most managers today. The difference is the level of commitment and the degrees of test on these skills. I was capable of maintaining above average proficiencies in my management skills during highly stressed and pressured times to include actual combat, enough to be awarded multiple medals, such as the Army Commendation Medal, and the Army Achievement Medal. I have also taken and scored a 99.99% on the American Institute on basic knowledge and ability in the Management Field of their aptitude test.

My advertising/marketing approach for this project is actually one of the strongest aspects of this entire business venture. As an alumnus of Delta Pi Fraternity I have been able to establish good relations with many universities and colleges in NJ that support the association of the Greek Council, like William Paterson University, Montclair State University, and Ramapo College. My plan is to use my social circle to promote (free of charge), “Under the Tuscan Sun Tanning Saloon”. I have also made contact with sister sororities to promote with in their sororities and social circles. Local Gentleman Clubs such as Lace and Stilettos chains, along with Satin Dolls and AJ’s are willing to promote the Tanning Saloon in their respected nightclubs. Webster Hall Night Club in New York City which is the largest in New York and New Jersey is willing to give me 100% support with *free advertising through announcements and visual arts within the night club. Other colleges that do not support the Greek Council such as Bergen Community College will be flooded with flyers in the parking lots and hallways which will be distributed by new Pledges in our Fraternities (free). Also as an employee of Big “M” Inc the owner of the Mandee’s, and Annie Sez Chain, which are 100 % female fashion establishments, I plan to utilize local stores as a lead to the general public and entice employees with promotions and discount’s.
My primary target market will be women 18 – 25 in college. My secondary target market would be women 25 -40, out of college. As from my knowledge I believe this target market will provide the largest group who will utilize my facility. This will be tentative in order to be able to adjust accordingly to any shifts in the market.

Capitol for this business can be provided in different forms:
Commercial banking
Venture Capitalists
Equity Financing
Loan Repayment Programs
Further search and communication with the Small Business Administration will help guide me in choosing the right option when dealing with the financing of this business venture.

In regards to the cost of the actually tanning equipment and supplies; I have worked out a Re-payment plan with the ETS/Wolfe Financial and Advertising Departments. The breakdown follows as so:
1.Tanning Systems provided by Wolfe tanning Systems
2 Stand up Spray Booths Model # ####-######
Total cost $50,000
Down payment $18,000
Monthly payment $ 500
Term of 5 years with loyalty.

6 Lay Down full coverage Light beds Model # ####-######
Total cost $49,000
Down payment $7,200
Monthly payment $600
Term of 5 years with loyalty
Store Posters, Framed and Unframed art work, Window clings, and approx 3 months of supplies i.e. Tanning lotion, towels, cleaners, spray solution, instructions and initial set up labor, computer software etc, etc
Total cost $5,000
Paid in Full
My projected Marginal Cost vs. Marginal Revenue of the first 2 month is displayed below:
1.Out of a potential 100 people within a 30 day trial period.

(A) 30 @ $100, Unlimited Tan Use
(B) 50 @ $10, One time use, standard bed, approx 15 times a month to maintain a minimum tan
(C) 10 @ $15, Spray Tanning System, 4 times a month
(D) 5 @ $15, walk in, standard
(E) 5 @ $10, walk in, standard
2.Revenue Total = $ 11,225 vs. $12,168 Operating Cost (see table A, below)
Equals a $ 943 loss.

3.Out of a potential 150 people with in a 60 day trial period.

50 x (A)
75 x (B)
15 x (C)
5 x (D)
5 x (E)
4.Revenue Total = $17,275 vs. $12,168 Operating Cost
Equals a $5,107 Profit
I project the growth of my company to triple with customers with in the first year. With these results the profits will accelerate and “Business will be good”.
Equipment$34,000 initial$1,100 per month$107,000 total cost
InsuranceFull Coverage$1,000 per month/approximation
Employment6 Employees$8.00 @ 40 regular hours$7,680 per month
Property$500,000 approx total cost$16,666 per year @ 30 years$1,388 per month mortgage
Utilities$1,000 per month approx


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