Umar and powerful man. His voice was very

Umar (ra) was 13 years younger than prophet Muhammed (SAW).

When prophet Muhammed (saw)was granted prophethood, Umar (ra) was 27 years old, he was very young. He was fair, handsome, tall, fierce, brave, strong and powerful man. His voice was very strong people could hear him clearly.

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His favorite hobby was wrestling and he was an expert in horse-riding. He was known as the ambassador of Quraysh.Umar(ra) accepted Islam in 6th year of Prophet Muhammed (saw), in the month of Dhu al Hijjah. When Umar (ra) accepted Islam, Muslim became powerful in strength and they could sit in public and tell people that they are Muslim. He was a huge figure when he used to sit in horse his feet would touch the floor.

The one who Allah specifically choose to uphold the deen of Islam, because prophet Muhammed (saw) made supplication to guide one of the two Umar’s, one of them was Abu Jahal and the other one was Umar ibn Al Khattab.He was recorded as 2nd best companion among all after Abu Bakr(ra).Umar (ra)  was known as Al- Farooq. Al – Farooq means criterion between right and wrong. He was the man even if everyone on this earth is destroyed he would survive.

His opinions were mostly correct. Prophet Muhammed (saw) said If shaytan and Umar (ra) would walk in a gully, shaytan would take another gully. Even shaytan used to fear him. He was an intelligent man and was a person who used to utter words, sometimes revelations came coinciding his exact words. On one of the occasion he was telling Muhammed (saw) why don’t we read Salah or fulfill some Salah at the place where Ibrahim (saw) demarcation of his feet are there, that place is known as Maqam Ibrahim (saw). After a while Surah al Baqarah (Verse no. 125) was revealed it was exactly the same wording which Umar (ra) used “And you should take the place of the footprint of Ibrahim (saw) as a place where you should read the prayer.

”  Umar (ra) famous statement was “Can I chop of his head”? When Umar (ra) time for hijra came, he didn’t do like other people. Other people used to go at night quietly because of the fear that they may be tortured or killed by Quraysh. Umar (ra) after performing tawaf in Makkah, he went to the center market place and said loudly O Quraysh am going for hijra to Madinah if you have problem see me on the other side. He also said “anyone who wants to make his mother cry, his wife a widow and his children orphan, follow me behind the mountains. No one dared to say him anything in reply. When Umar (ra) entered Islam, no one dared to prosecute him, like rest of the Muslim’s who were being tortured. When Umar (ra) saw this happening to Muslim people, he didn’t want to miss the chance of reward, so he went to Makkah and knock on the door of great leaders of Quraysh and say them I have accepted Islam, so that they could get angry and kill him. But no one dared to challenge him.

He even went to Abu Jahal’s house but he slammed the door on his face. Even the companions were scared of Umar (ra). One day he was walking and three companions were behind him, including Khalid bin Waleed, he was the one who never lost the battle, Umar (ra) turn’s around to tell them something they all got scared.

Umar (ra) asked them why are you scared of me? Are you scared of mine justice or oppression? They replied saying because of your justice. Umar (ra) was a man who Allah (saw) loved. He is the man on the day of judgement, Islam will come and grab Umar’s hand and raise it and bear witness for Umar, for how much he gave to his religion, he was so pure.

He would spend all his day for the people of Khilafa working for them and giving the nights for Allah (saw). He engaged a lot in asking forgiveness from Allah, fasting and giving charity and freeing so many slaves because he feared Allah. At the time of Prophet Muhammed (saw)dead he was very sad and refused to believe that Muhammed (saw) is dead. Umar (ra) said I will execute whoever will say Muhammed (saw) is passed away. Abu Bakr (ra) stood up and explained him and make him calm down.

He was the first person to say I pledge, Abu Bakr is worthy of khilafa after prophet Muhmmed (saw). Abu Bakr(ra) loves Umar (ra) the most, he was his helper and was with him throughout his life. He had so many leadership qualities such as, He ruled for 10 years. Hijra calendar (Islamic calendar) was invented by him 1435H. He said from now on when we talk about years we should relate them to hijra and made it compulsory which we are using it till present time same calendar.

First time Taraweeh was created by him, he gathered a large number of people in mosque and made them offer salah behind one Imam.


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