UAB services starting with various aviation training

UAB “BAA Training” is one of the largest Europeanstandard aviation training centers with the headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania.The company offers a wide range of services starting with various aviationtraining programs, also maintenance solutions for flight simulators and anintelligent software system which intends help systemizing aviation trainingcenters. Relevance of the topicAs demands for newly trained pilots are constantlygrowing and it is forecast to be huge by 2036 in the Asian-Pacific market, thisregion seems to be prosperous for aviation training centers and so is for UAB”BAA Training”. The company expands its services around the world every yearand sees an enormous potential in Asia which makes it priority market ingaining potential clients. In order to be successful, it also has to createmarketing strategy for that region which is the topic of the thesis.

ProblemUAB “BAA Training” is a new and not well-known playerin Asia because the company does not know how to communicate and do marketing inthat region. Therefore, the problem question for the thesis is how UAB “BAATraining” should communicate and improve its marketing strategy in the Asianmarket.Aim of the ThesisThe aim of the thesis is to provide proposals on improvingmarketing strategy and communication for UAB “BAA Training” in order to successfullyattract airline companies to the Asian market as well as to maintaincooperation with them.ObjectivesIn order to achieve the aim of the thesis, thefollowing objectives have to be completed during the process:·      Analyzeexternal and internal situation for UAB “BAA Training”.·      Conductempirical research to find out what determines success of communication in the Asianmarket.·      Providemanagerial solutions on how to improve marketing strategy and communication in theAsian market.

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