Typical maybe it’s similar with countries on

Typical people can change over time. It’s different for everyone, and for every country.

Depend on the living habits in the countries, typical will be different and keep changing. According to the video “7 billion: Are you typical?” from the National Geographic Magazine, the world’s most typical person is a 28-year-old Han Chinese but in 2030, that person will come from India and typical is always relative. Another example is the typical woman who lived in Japan for nearly 86-year-old, while in Afghanistan the women lived up to 45-year-old. That’s the reason we have many cultures in the world.

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Nobody was born with a culture. It’s the process of living habits, which is accumulated by time. You will learn your cultural belief and behavior from your community around you such as family, friends, school, etc..

. and maybe it’s similar with countries on the same continents but will definitely be different from each country. As an illustration of what I’ve said is the Vietnamese culture. There are many traditions in Viet Nam, but the one I have the most pride is the respects to the older people as well as to our ancestors. The first lesson that we were taught on the first day at school was the manner.

Not only to our ancestors but also to all the older people, especially to the teachers. We even have one day to celebrate and show how appreciated by teachers. It’s on the 20th of November. On that day, the students will express their respect to the teacher. Students prepare in many weeks in advance for the Teachers’ Day with many interesting activities for greeting it.

Not only the current students but also many formers will come back to show their respect to their former teacher at their home with flowers, food or small gifts. That is the day for all students to gather and talk about the beautiful memories that they had with their teacher. That is the long-lasting tradition for all Vietnamese people to express their honor to all of the teachers because teachers are the persons who give us many knowledge and experiences with all the dedication and enthusiasm. That’s really a hard and great work for all of them. 


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