TRAVEL the places that we have studied only

TRAVEL AND HOSPITILITYWho does not want to travel? Well, traveling is a part of education as it provides a clear image of the places that we have studied only in our books. Traveling stresses movement between both space and time. “The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page.” Augustine Of Hippo. Traveling is very much devastating in many ways. Not just it shows you the places where you have never been, but it promotes culture, new food to eat and to meet new people out there. As amazing as traveling is, these are some factors that makes our traveling more exciting and enjoyable.  ADVENTURE:Adventure is one of the best partner of tourism leading to the exploration of hostile areas. Its components involve physical activities, exchange of culture and interaction with nature. Physical activities may include Climbing, Rafting, Skating, Scuba Diving and much more. Furthermore, you can participate in local festivals of the area to know about the people living over there and can also visit historical places. You may as well capture those sceneries in order to make your journey memorable. “Adventure may hurt you but monotony will kill you”. These are top 10 Adventure travel destination that you should visit: 1. Israel2. Slovakia 3. Chile4. Estonia 5. Czech Republic6. Bulgaria 7. Slovenia 8. Jordan 9. Romania 10. Latvia Related information about these places is given on this website: all love food but enjoying a traditional meal in that specific place is something far beyond having a boring meal at restaurant. Its much more than enjoying a meal and having a glass of wine. Food tourism helps to connect people and land around us. With your own taste buds, you can get to explore the city more effectively. Not just the tourists want to enjoy the meal but also they want to know about its history, its production and from which source it became a piece of plate. According to the World Food Travel Association (WFTA), the interest among food tourists is growing in different segments such as organic, social, budget and much more. “Love is the food of life, and travel is the dessert.”DREAMS: Everyone has their own dreams. And everyone wants to accomplish their dreams in the future. Traveling can be one of those dreams and having traveling as one of those  dreams can be quite thrilling. Don’t wait for the time when you will grow up and have a trip of your own. Just do it right now because you don’t know what happens next. Moreover, traveling can persuade you to make your dreams happen. It sets a path towards your life goals. Traveling tells you to be hold in pursuing your passions and whatever your passion is, just pursue it persistently. “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place occupy in the world” – Gustav Flaubert. Traveling makes our life easier and if you have gut to do anything, just prove it


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