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Traditional media still play an important role in marketing, but through online social marketing, businesses can achieve greater efficiency. The reason is the fact that almost everybody has access to the Internet, which is time and space unlimited, and therefore people are decreasingly interested in traditional media. Surveys show that the biggest declension occurred in reading newspapers and watching TV, especially among young people who prefer to be up- to-date. They prefer to look for information on the Internet where it’s free and easier to access. In fact, it works in such a way that traditional media use the information previously discovered somewhere on internet or social networks.

So if someone still does not use social networks, they should start because their customers or competitors are probably already having accounts in sites for a long time, which have a great competitive advantage (Chalupa, 2012). 7 Social networks are used by advertisers for various reasons. They help to inform unknown users about products and services and to create positive brand awareness. Users who know the brand will try to get to know with the product’s characteristics and to convince potential clients of benefits of the product.

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Other reasons may be long-term communication with existing customers, building user communities, problem solving and crisis communication. When using social media as an online marketing tool, you need to customize businessgoals for particular social networks, because each social network brings different result. It does not make sense to create page on every social network, because each has different another demographic representation. Therefore it is important to have information about segment the company want to target. On chosen social network, it is necessary to consider whether there is enough amount of users of targeted demographic group, if people have positive opinion about the company, if product meets the needs of the target group and, last but not least, whether it is possible to turn positive and negatives of company’s product into success with online marketing.

Online marketing can be very effective, but the best option is to watch the risks and observe up-to-date marketing trends on social networks, because, as it has been already mentioned, social networks are constantly coming up with some innovations. Those who are not afraid to try and experiment, will win in the end and achieve a positive result. (Tradeaway, 2012) 2. Instagram Instagram is a mobile app that provides users with the ability to share instant moments of their life through photos or videos between friends and other users.

This application is primarily used by young people (Haynes, 2016). As I mentioned, Wild We’s customers are mostly young women between age 20-35 years therefore it is the best social platform to focus on for brand. It works by taking pictures or videos with phone, upload it, pickfilter or edit it if wanted and publish it.

Each user has the choice whether or not he willonly share posts with friends or with all users. Instagram at the same time also offers the ability to send private messages. This app is available in the free version of the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store (Instagram, 2017). The Apple App Store has been downloaded worldwide for more than 8 million times and more than 1 billion times in the Google Play Store (Carey- Simons, 2017).

Typical for Instagram is that it is not so focused on communication between people, but rather on expressing feelings and creating personality of individual users. By time became a place where people, through their posts, express their lifestyle and hobby (Haynes, 2016). It differs from Facebook by giving users the ability to fulfill their desire for entertainment, relaxation and discovery, where they many times meet with favorite and sometimes surprising or unexpected content. Reasons why people prefer Instagram can be a lot, but generally users


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