TOPIC: about pets on the web. Or when

TOPIC: In fact, pets have many advantages,
but we are not understanding very totally.


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ATTENTION STRATEGY: I introduced the
importance of sterilization of pets in last speech. However, for many who do
not have pets, may not be very interested in this topic. So today I am going to
do the presentation about the benefits of having pets.

CENTRAL IDEA: While the pet mediates our
mood, it strengthens our physical and mental health so that we no longer have a
lonely character.


PURPOSE STATEMENT: I want my audience to
understand that pets make them fun and then to take good care of their pets.

SIGNICANCE: After understanding the
advantages of pets, they are more likely to love them and find their own
suitable pets.

CREDIBILITY STATEMENT: I really like raising
animals, I hope I can experience the happiness to everyone.

PREVIEW: First I will introduce the joy of
pets to everyone, second I will describe the importance of pet companionship to
us, and third I will describe how pets keeping helps our health.

TRANSITION STATEMENT: Our common pets are
cats, dogs and fish. Another special is the snake, frog, turtle, pet pig, and
so on. Although there are many pet categories, but they bring us the joy is the


The advent of pets has brought fun to our otherwise
boring life.

A.    We often laugh when we
see cute videos about pets on the web. Or when they appear around us, we can
not help playing with them.

1. According to the article, there is a
result that shows “Other researchers have found reduced stress in owners
interacting with their dogs after stressful tasks, compared with interacting
with friends and spouses.”

2. When dogs appear in people’s eyes, we
can not concentrate on our work. But in our interactions with dogs, our anxiety
over our lives diminished and excitement increased. (Barrie, P87)

B. Pets are a topic that can increase
mutual affection and mediate the atmosphere.

Especially when chatting with new friends.

II. Pet companionship is a comfort to us.

A.    In fast-paced life, we
are always busy everyday. In particularly tired, we may spend less time with
family and friends. But if we have pets, we feel more relaxed and loneliness as
we play with them.

1. According to the article that states
“Researchers have found a reduction in loneliness in pet-owning women living
alone, while others have seen reduced loneliness in nursing home residents
after animal-assisted activities,” (Barrie, P87)

B. They are our silent comrades in life.

Although they can not speak, in the process of

   getting along, we will also appreciate the
pet’s trust in us. This feeling of trust makes

us more responsible.

   1. It reminds me of the story about my hamster.

Its name is pudding. It is a cute, but a       

little naughty princess. I remember once I found out that its cage was
open. I know it

must have been opened by itself. I was especially worried because it was
so small

    that if I could not find it, it would starve
to some corner. I hold back crying and keep

shouting its name. As I was about to collapse and was very self-blaming,
I noticed it

looked at me in the wardrobe door without moving. I knew it was scared
when it

    came out, so it did not dare to move in the
closet. It knows I would come to find it. I

was very happy it trusts me.

III. Pets keep us healthy and able to
exercise properly.

A.    For children, during the
process of getting along with the animals that will develop their compassion,
and learn how to take care of pets. In the expression of love at the same time,
they will learn to help others, and also know how to communicate with friends
in the future.

1. This can be well reflected in the
article. “As a result of the survey, it was seen that keeping a pet benefits
considerably children behaviorally, psychologically and in terms of sharing
responsibility and loneliness.” (GÜÇLÜ, P81)

B. For the elderly, the companionship of
pets makes them still feel that their existence is  

  meaningful, and will not have a negative
psychological reaction to old age.

According to the article, “Socially isolated older pet owners are
significantly less

depressed, according to a study on pet
ownership and pet attachment as factors supporting health in old age.” (Suthers-McCabe,

2.     When
interacting with pets, it also motivates us to exercise. For example, the owner
of a dog will walk the dog every day. “Owning a dog may encourage physical
activity, which may contribute to improved cardiovascular health. Contact with
animals can confer psychological benefits, relieving symptoms of mental or
cognitive illness and loneliness.” (Cherniack?P715?


As pets become our emotional sustenance, they teach
us healthy living, taking responsibility and cultivating compassion.

Pets not only become our friends in life, and make
us feel good, they also become more indispensable companionship.

If you do not like animals, please do not hurt them. If you like pets,
then take responsibility for them.








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