To She is also a very hard worker.

To me the definition of a hero is someone who sacrifices their time and resources to help and care for those around them. My real-life heroes would be my grandparents. My grandfather’s name is Herb McMillan, and he is 77 Years old. He has had many jobs over his life and has been successful because he is a hard worker. He also served in the military. My grandfather is retired now, but still stays active playing racquetball in the Senior Olympics, racing cars, and taking care of their new puppy Rudi.

My grandmothers name is Bridgett McMillan, and she came from Salzburg, Austria. She was raised by her grandparents and moved to the States when she was 16 years old. She is also a very hard worker. When she arrived, she had to work at factories and warehouses for very little money, with long, hours and uncomfortable conditions. On top of that, she had to learn how to speak English. Through hard work and perseverance, she worked her way up and went to college. She met my grandfather in West Virginia, and they got married.

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The thing my grandfather is most known for is his driving skills. He can still be found at the Memphis Motorsports track in Millington, making a hot-lap in “Blackie” his racecar. We have many things in common, but the trait we share most must be our love of cars and racing. He races a Porsche 911 racecar, a 914, and has a 911 convertible. A story he tells me sometimes is when he was a young man, he saved up his money and his first car he got was a blue 356. He has always taught me the lesson of hard work ever since I was young. Some of my best memories I have are riding in the passenger seat, at 100 plus mph with him, or changing the brake pads on a car.

My grandparents are some of the most generous people one can hope to meet in their lives. they never think about themselves, only how they can serve others. They are both very patient, especially during the time I drove the 911 and killed the engine multiple times! The thing I am most grateful for is their financial help with my CBHS experience. I am always welcome at their home. They always encourage me and believe in me. They never hesitate to ask me if I need a ride home from school, and they always ask if there is anything they can do to help. They take care of me when I’m sick, and comfort me when I am sad. Those, are characteristics of a Real-Life Hero!


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