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The topic of Title IX is something that often receives a great deal of attention in the news and has the involvement of many people. One organization that holds strong interests regarding Title IX is a woman’s organization called NOW. NOW, has published several articles regarding the issue of Title IX and often holds very strong views in favor of strengthening this law. In the article, “Save Title IX”, NOW discusses the advantages of Title IX and some of the things they feel still need to be done to complete these ideas.

“For every one dollar spent on a woman’s athletics, three dollars are spent on men’s programs.” It is through using statements like these that “Save Title IX” helps deliver its point across to the reader that Title IX is still in the process of being instituted. There are several other statistics in which the author uses to prove their point. The author refers to numbers that were the case before Title IX was instated and the remarkable increase in the numbers in today’s society, which is caused by the founding of Title IX.NOW organization’s articles tend to be written for what appears to be a middle aged woman who is interested in keeping the ideas of Title IX practiced across the country. Often, the author refers to a statement or belief as “we”; or “we’ve”; assuming that the reader agrees with these ideas.

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Also, the author uses the word “women” fifteen times in her essay to get across the point that this issue is greatly affecting women in today’s society. One area in which I felt there was a logical fallacy in the writing was from a reference to President George W. Bush Jr.

. The author states that the Bush administration’s department of education is taking steps to reintroduce segregation through sex rather than race. After, the article mentions that this is because they would like to allow the possibility of establishing single-sex classes for schools at elementary and secondary levels. When stating that the Bush administration is attempting to reintroduce segregation, her claim seems rather unfair and biased. One thing that this essay lacks is that the author fails to address any opposing views. This essay is strictly was written for a specific audience and therefore I feel that there was not a strong need for apposing arguments.

However, if someone feels differently than this author, their views would be left unanswered and this article would most likely have no effect on the reader. While I feel that this article is a very strong argument in favor of keeping as well as strengthening the power of Title IX, I find that it is lacking the fundamental elements that are necessary in a persuasive essay. I do think that “Save Title IX” does a good job appealing to the audience that it is directed towards and can be used to reaffirm people’s feelings if they are in agreement with the author.Essay Web Site –


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