Time time is represented as quantities where time

Time is defined as a relation connected
openly to more than one interpretation. It is said that time isn’t expressed
clearly and it is the forward movement of reality and events that occur continuously.
It is clearly an irreversible succession from a situation of phenomenon in the
future, through the present, to a state of definiteness in the past. When it
comes to time management, it is stated that today, we human beings need to
manage our time to encompass our own personal life. Our life would improve to
be more balanced and our general happiness will be encouraged through a good
time management. Time management is a combination of two words, ‘time’ and ‘management’.
It has a large-scale in various administrative and managerial section (Macan,
2010). For example, time has been described as “time nothing more than the
occurrence of events in sequences, on after another” (Olpin and Hessen, 2012,
p.167), and “a resource that, when lost or misplaced, is gone forever”
(Kerzner, 2009, p.286). Time management plays a very important role not only in
your career and university life but also in your personal lives. Time
management includes setting objectives and goals, effective planning, setting
deadlines, committal of responsibilities, prioritizing your things to be done
according to their importance level and spending the right time on the right
activity. The time management has been offered as the “the process of skilfully
applying time to finish and perfect a specific activity within time constraint”
(Harris, 2008).

Time can be divided into two categories.
First category would be quantitative and the next is qualitative. It is clearly
stated that quantitative time is when to time is represented as quantities
where time can be measured and counted into seconds, minutes, days, weeks,
months and years” (Wu, 2009, p.5). Qualitative time comes with a meaning of the
quality of the time that is spent on an activity.

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It has been written that time management
is about doing something responsibly, carefully, consciously, purposefully not
shrinking from difficulties, but engaging them. Time management is not an end
itself. It is the means to an end. Related with meeting and setting goals, time
management provides a way of getting really high achievement out of individuals
and others with whom they come into contact. A situation where the caption of
the ship loses his way in the sea is very similar to an individual working without
goals and targets in his/her organization or personal lives.


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