Tiger One of the magical things about this

Tiger Zinda Hai

Since, it is a sequel to Ek Tha Tiger, the story begins where
it had last left off. Indian RAW agent Tiger and ISI agent Zoya are now married
and living a peaceful life with their son, far away from all those missions
they used be a part of and have decided to choose not to go back by being
hidden from last eight years. Twenty-Five Indian nurses have been captured by a
terrorist organization ISC in North Syria. Tiger gets tracked down by his ex-boss
Shenoy, who wants him to rescue those Indian nurses held hostage at a hospital
and believes if only one person can complete this mission is only Tiger.

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From here on, it’s the actor Salman Khan who plays as Tiger
shows his star power and larger than life screen presence, which is beautifully
aided by Katrina Kaif’s performance who plays as Zoya and jumps into the mission
to rescue the other fifteen Pakistani nurses held hostage together with the
Indian nurses. One of the magical things about this story is that Tiger brings
together Indian and Pakistani agents to fight terror for the aim of love and

The film’s visuals play a spectacular role as the character
Tiger is shown with roaring confidence and clever dialogues deliveries with
funny punches steals the show.  Director
Ali Abbas Zafar had created stunning action moments with the fight sequences
with real wolves and the eye-catching machine gun action. However, at some
points the screenplay does lack focus and slacks in the film’s pace, but actor
Salman Khan’s charismatic character and shirtless scene does make up for it.

Supporting actors that helped in the rescue mission team are
consistent with their performances and actor Paresh Rawal delivers a sharp performance
with his character. Actor Sajjad Delafrooz plays Abu Usman the leader of ISC gives
a strong performance and the promotional song ‘Swag Se Swagat’ helps in getting
attention to the movie as it hits more than 100 million views on YouTube in less
than a month.   

Overall, the movie is very promising and packed with full of
action which are beautifully directed. The storyline could have been more
compelling but regardless of it, a lot of scenes have magic to it by the actor’s
performances and will leave Salman Khan and action film fans awestruck.


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