Thomas a basic education was available. Thomas was

Thomas Paine, Anglo-American philosopher and politician. He was
born on January 29, 1737 in Thetford, Norfolk (United States). His
father was a poor corset maker  which
gave Thomas no option beyond a free school where only a basic education was
available. Thomas was an English
revolutionary, had an adventurous youth, working as a sailor, industrialist and
tax collector. From
an early age he acquired an intense social concern for the poor.  He was one of the most influential writers
during the American Revolution

In 1774, at the
suggestion of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine emigrated to the colony
(Pennsylvania) founded by William Penn in North America. There
he published Common Sense (1776), an influential pamphlet in which he advocated
the independence of the Thirteen British Colonies of North America and their
political unification; that
work had great diffusion among the settlers, considering Paine one of the main
ideologues and publicists of the revolution that led to the war with Great
Britain, the independence and the formation of the United States of America

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Paine personally participated in the fight, both political and military since
he was part of George Washington’s army; but
his main contribution was in the field of ideas, because he held the moral of
the rebels publishing various works in defense of their reasons.

American independence was achieved, Paine returned to England to defend the
interests of the United States there (1787). When
the French Revolution broke out (1789), Paine became an admirer of the new
regime, attacked British Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger for his
hostility to France and defended the work of the Revolution against Burke’s
conservative critics, publishing The Rights of Man (1791-92).
book, of enormous diffusion, cost him a sentence for high treason, given its
republican and revolutionary content. He managed to flee and
take refuge in France (1792); He
was fully integrated into the political life of the Republic, which made him a
French citizen and even a member of the Convention.

was saved from the guillotine by the Thermidor coup, which restored his freedom
and his position as representative in the Convention. But
after the arrival of Napoleon to power, disgusted with the authoritarian and
conservative drift of French politics, he left the country and returned
definitively to the United States  in 1802.
 . where many ignored him and turned
their backs on him. Thomas Paine never wanted to collect fees for his pamphlets
and during his life he spent serious financial hardships He died in New York on
June 8, 1809.


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