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This movie review addresses a cinemalaya fim production presenting K’na the Dreamweaver, starring Mara Lopez as K’na, RK Bagatsing as Silaw, Alex Medina as Kagis.

It was directed and written by Ida Anita del Mundo.  The movie introduced the life of the charcters in the movie. It also introduced the T’boli people which are the characters in the story. The setting of K’na the Dreamweaver took place in Nile Green Lake Sebu in South Cotabato in Southern Mindanao. The culture and traditions of the T’boli were also introduced.  K’na the Dreamweaver was a typical Filipino folktale of the indigenous people, which the T’boli are expressing the art of weaving, and was taught to K’na in a young age.

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They used the art of weaving in a business matter, they weave for their family in order to earn money.  In order to make the two precolonial clans North and South Tribe T’boli reunite, K’na’s father and his counterpart agreed to make peace to one another. In result, peaceful fixed marriage between their children was made to glorify the weavers of T’nalak which they used to weave in a traditional way.  The writer and director of the story, Ida Anita del Mundo invloves a typical Filipino tragic love story.  Like, K’na abandoning her feelings for Silaw, caused by K’na forced marrying Kagis.

This was done in order to make their family and clans reunite and to have a better future for them as well. However, the parents involved in destroying the relationship between the couple, K’na and Silaw, and forced to choose Kagis to be the groom of K’na and choose to marry K’na, for a wealthy family. In result, K’na did not get what she wanted and what she wanted to happen. That is why Silaw commits suicide, because of a forbidden love between Silaw and K’na.  The author also wanted us to know the Filipino culture of the T’boli tribe and to let the audience know how the movie used ethics of the T’boli people and how are they living in their everyday lives. They travel by using Kayak or boats to travel from one place to another. They also live in a nipa hut that they built by using bamboo tress and etc.

  I recognized that the movie showed several traditions, made to symbolize the T’boli people. The T’boli people earned money by weaving in their daily lives. They weave T’nalak, a sacred cloth in weaving clothes made from abaca and to exchange during marriage and used to cover during births.  I find the cinematography of the movie nice because they shot the movie in the beautiful scenery which is located in South Cotabato in Southern Mindanao. I find it interesting because they used other dialect to express their personalities of being a T’boli, but somehow they had a hard time in expressing, memorizing and talking. The movie was breathtaking because of the costume they used. It made the movie stunning. The casts of the charactes did their roles very well.

I find it fun because I am getting to know the culture and traditions of the T’boli people. I appreciate the intention of the writer in giving us the opportunity to let us know that the T’boli Tribe, one of our indigenous people, wants to be known for those who still do not recognize the traditions and culture of these people. I am surely to recommend this breathtaking movie to people, especially to the students, who has the chance to get to know one of our tribes in the Philippines. 


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