James Fenimore Cooper: Frontier LegendJames Fenimore Copper: Frontier LegendA)Born on September 15, 1789 in Burlington, New JerseyB)Was the twelfth of thirteen children.

Moved to CooperstownC)Attended Yale at age thirteen, but was expelledD)Parents were William and Elizabeth Cooper. Very comic attitude toward the worldE)Joined the Navy and became and expert in naval warfareF)William Cullen Bryant and Washington Irving influenced his writingsA)U.S.

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Navy made him and expert in naval warfareB)Father was killed by political opponentC)Wife thought he could not be a writer so Cooper set out to prove he couldD)Personal experiences helped him write about IndiansE)First work was unsuccessful, but the others came together and became very successfulF)Portray the success of frontier settlement2)Revealed conflicts between individuals and societyB)Was unpopular in the world after his democracy criticismD)Thought of as first famous American novelistBibliography:


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