This for machining parameter. Three observed values, Material

This paper represents the optimization of the Electric
discharge machining (EDM) of Titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) with a core electrode
using Multi-criteria ELECTRE (ELimination Et Choix Traduisant la REalite)
method. Experimental results confirm that the die-electric fluid with copper
electrode to obtained Optimum performance for machining parameter. Three
observed values, Material removal rate (MRR), Tool wear rate (TWR), and Surface
roughness (Ra,) verify this optimization of the machining technique. In
addition, four independent parameters such as pulse current (Ip), pulse-on-time
(Ton), Duty Cycle (Tau), and discharge voltage (V) and variables in evaluating
the Response surface methodology (RSM). Decision makers in the manufacturing
sector frequently face the problem of assessing a wide range of alternative
options, and selecting one based on a set of conflicting criteria. A prominent
class of such pro blems is multi-criteria decision making (MCDM). MCDM has been
one of the fastest Growing problem areas during at least the last two decades.
The typical MCDM problem deals with the evaluation of a set of alternatives in
terms of a set of decision criteria. The MCDM method without any convincing
justification, he is concentrates on the best known and most frequently used
MCDM, i.e., decision making in the presence of multiple, generally conflicting
criteria. Depending on the domain of alternatives, MCDM is divided into
multi-objective decision making (MODM) and multi-attribute decision making
(MADM). To present the improved versions of the existing MADM methods such as
ELECTRE. The ELECTRE method is a highly efficient MADM method, which takes into
accoun t the uncertainty and imprecision, which are usually inherent in data
produced by predictions and estimations. ELECTRE is one of the widely accepted
methods for MADM in various fields of science and technology. However, only a f
ew applications are found in the field of manufacturing, such as EDM manufa
cturing system selection ELECTRE proceeds to a pairwise comparison of
alternatives in


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