Thirdly, technology that widely been used by individuals.

Thirdly, mass media  such as television, radio, movies, newspaper,
internet, magazines and so on also can lead to negative activities like
vandalism. As survey conducted by Pew Research Center, 72% of high school and
78% of college students spent time on facebook , twitter ,Instagram, television
, video games and other. This shows that how much people get involved in social
networking. For instance, with technology of social media, to surf internet is
easy as pie so teenagers can surf everything include help them to have own
social networking such as twitter which teenagers easy to get know or chat with
strangers or negative people. As we know teenagers are in stage of growing to
become more mature where everything surround them will influence them so when
they exposed with online friends that always do negative activites or something
aggressive like vandalism, they will follow it. This can refer to the quote
mention by Brian solis , social media is not just technology but more to
sociology and psychology. It can influence our mind and behaviours . In
addition, television also is a technology that widely been used by individuals.
Nowdays , there are many program or shows on television such as Da Vinci’ Demons
that enhance violence like vandalism so children or teenagers that watch it
will follow the action. At the same time , online streaming and downloading has
created by technology  make more
convenient for the teenagers to  watch
their favourite show or film. For example, teenagers who see his or her
favourite celebrity that in violence programme or shows and scene on film, they
will follow it as the celebrity is their idol. Based on article wrote by
Gaubal,2017 ,there are average five to ten aggressiveness act per hour have been
recorded through television and cases involving youth have been rise
suprisingly due to violence in television . this means by the action or shows
on television that have violence can influence in children or teenagers
developing into aggressive behaviour like vandalism. Thus goverment should
filter the advertisment on the online website , films n television and other
mass media .


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