They rescuers bringing in people from the storm

They had 80 tractor-trailer loads of supplies delivered to them once the
hurricane was over. They received 51.88 total inches in rainfall. Hurricane
Katrina caused large impacts on a ton of people. They used the Louisiana Superdome
as a shelter of last resort which served as a shelter for about 9,000 people
and 550 National Guardsmen. With rescuers bringing in people from the storm the
Louisiana Superdome got up to about 15,000 people which they brought supplies
that would cover around 15,000 people but only for three days. By August 29th nearly 80 percent of
the city was under some quantity of water, and they rescued about 34,000
people. Hurricane Katrina causing $108 billion in damages. They noticed that
Katrina had begun 200 miles of the coast of the Bahamas.  Hurricane
Katrina had between 1,245-1,836 fatalities. About 800,000 houses were destroyed
or damaged in the storm. Hurricane Katrina received about 5 to 10 inches of
rain.  After
the first four days when Katrina hit landfall, President George W. Bush signed
a $10.4 billion aid packed and got 7,200 National Guard troops. Then he
requested another $51.8 billion to help them out. Louisiana department of
transportation signed a agreement to help people who couldn’t get out of the
city on their own. They have learned 17 lessons once they reviewed Katrina, as
well as 125 specific recommendations, and 11 critical actions to be completed
before June 1, 2006. 

The FEMA had provided more than 1.9 million
meals, liters of water, 4,700 blankets, and more than 1,400 cots to Texas. They
sent to Louisiana more 416,000 meals, and liters of water. The red cross had
more than 2,000 disaster workers on the ground and people from the Mexican Red
Cross to help support shelter, aid and help connect with Spanish speaking
disaster survivors. President Trump issued a declaration to help federal
agencies help Texas. The Coast Guard deployed 50 aircrafts, 75 boats, and other
items which help rescue 11,022 people and 1,384 pets. The department of Health
and Human Services Deployed more than 1,110 medical equipment and supplies to
help out.

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