The[SK1] advantages in sharing economy. First of all

 TheSK1  sharing economy model is most likely
to be used when the price of a particular asset is high and the asset is not fully utilized all the

Airbnb is a House Renting way of sharing economy.

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Airbnb grew with an idea of “How about lending spare room of our house to
others?” Their intend was to make a marketplace lending spare rooms of their
own house to people and earn money. Airbnb is the representative of sharing
economy business on the lodging part and it was founded by Joe Gebbia and Brian
Chesky in Sa francisco, 2007. airbnb satisfies both Hosts’ and tourists needs.

The hosts utilize spare rooms and settle high rent problem and the Tourists’
needs which is to have unique experience while traveling. Specifically Hosts
are people who own a house but having weak economic fundamentals and people who
want to maximize efficiency and profits by using surplus places or unoccupied

There are a lot of advantages in sharing economy. First
of all Cheaper Goods and Services The sharing economy is built on the idea
that sharing certain goods, services, and skills is more efficient. This can
reduce costs for available goods, services, and time By using something or
someone only when necessary, you don’t have to deal with the
headaches or costs of ownership and employment, such
as car and health insurance, maintenance, and HR
issues. In essence, the sharing economy cuts out the middle man, whether
that’s a traditional employer or the company you buy goods and services from.

Second it makes Stronger Communities Many sharing economy
platforms have built-in ratings and reviews that help keep providers and
consumers honest.

We are
not so sure how the sharing economy will effect our lives from now. There are More
Flexibility in Work and Life. One important thing on sharing goods and services
is the flexibility to make arrangements faster, with less risk or uncertainty,
and often on your own terms. Second there are more ways to earn and save money.

all the things that are working as a sharing economy are efficient to save
money. Sharing economy will force the current economy to be more as a
collaborative platform with

why is this repeated?? See the second paragraph


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